Journal of Choice Modelling

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2012 Are there specific design elements of choice experiments and types of people that influence choice response certainty?Hensher, David A.; Rose, John M.; Beck, Matthew J.
2012 Using appropriate prior information to eliminate choice sets with a dominant alternative from D-efficient designsCrabbe, Marjolein; Vandebroek, Martina
2012 Freight transport distance and weight as utility conditioning effects on a stated choice experimentMasiero, Lorenzo; Hensher, David A.
2012 Accessibility and the role of the consideration set in spatial choice modelling: A simulation studyPramono, Ari; Oppewal, Harmen
2012 Conceptual relations between expanded rank data and models of the unexpanded rank dataMarley, Anthony; Islam, Towhidul
2012 The first time is the hardest: A test of ordering effects in choice experimentsCarlsson, Fredrik; Mørkbak, Morten Raun; Olsen, Søren Bøye
2012 Designing a stated choice experiment: The value of a qualitative processKløjgaard, Mirja Elisabeth; Bech, Mickael; Søgaard, Rikke
2012 Modelling mode choice in passenger transport with integrated hierarchical information integrationRichter, Cornelia; Keuchel, Stephan
2012 Design effects in a meta-analysis of river health choice experiments in AustraliaRolfe, John; Brouwer, Roy
2011 Estimating the value of risk reduction for pedestrians in the road environment: An exploratory analysisHensher, David A.; Rose, John M.; de Dios Ortúzar, Juan; Rizzi, Luis I.
2011 Dynamics of route choice and signal control in capacitated networksSmith, Mike
2011 Scenario adjustment in stated preference researchCameron, Trudy Ann; DeShazo, J. R.; Johnson, Erica H.
2011 A combined GPS/Stated Choice experiment to estimate values of crash-risk reductionFifer, Simon; Greaves, Stephen; Rose, John; Ellison, Richard
2011 Properties of Internet and telephone data collection methods in a stated choice value of time study contextBörjesson, Maria; Algers, Staffan
2011 Does the inclusion of a cost attribute in forced and unforced choices matter? Results from a web survey applying the discrete choice experimentPedersen, Line Bjørnskov; Kjær, Trine; Kragstrup, Jakob; Gyrd-Hansen, Dorte
2011 Dynamic facial expression recognition with a discrete choice modelRobin, Thomas; Bierlairey, Michel; Cruz, Javier
2011 Bayesian optimal designs for discrete choice experiments with partial profilesKessels, Roselinde; Jones, Bradley; Goos, Peter
2011 Interrogation of responses to stated choice experiments: Is there sense in what respondents tell us? : a closer look at what respondents choose and process heuristics used in stated choice experimentsHensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.
2011 Structural choice modelling: Theory and applications to combining choice experimentsRungie, Campbell M.; Coote, Leonard V.; Louviere, Jordan J.
2011 The impact of travel time reliability and perceived service quality on airport ground access mode choiceTam, Mei-ling; Lam, William H. K.; Lo, Hing-po
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 59