Working Papers, Institut für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung, Universität Osnabrück

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 A basic model of real-financial market interactions with heterogeneous opinion dynamicsHartmann, Florian; Charpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Veneziani, Roberto
2016 Multilateral loans and interest rates: Further evidence on the seniority conundrumSteinkamp, Sven; Westermann, Frank
2015 China's capital flight: Pre- and post-crisis experiencesCheung, Yin-Wong; Steinkamp, Sven; Westermann, Frank
2014 Are banks less likely to issue equity when they are less capitalized?Dinger, Valeriya; Vallascas, Francesco
2014 On remittances, foreign currency exposure and credit constraints: Evidence from NepalMaskay, Nephil M.; Steinkamp, Sven; Westermann, Frank
2014 Wie bilanziert die EZB? Ein Kommentar zur Bilanzausweitung der Europäischen ZentralbankScholze, Andreas; Westermann, Frank
2014 Discussion of 'TARGET2 and central bank balance sheets'Westermann, Frank
2013 A behavioral macroeconomic model of exchange rate fluctuations with complex market expectations formationFlaschel, Peter; Hartmann, Florian; Malikane, Chris; Prosano, Christian R.
2013 Weak identification in probit models with endogenous covariatesDufour, Jean-Marie; Wilde, Joachim
2013 A tale of two deficits: Public budget balance of reserve currency countriesSteiner, Andreas
2013 On the size of fiscal multipliers: A counterfactual analysisKuckuck, Jan; Westermann, Frank
2012 Effects of simultaneity on testing Granger-causality: A cautionary note about statistical problems and economic misinterpretationsWilde, Joachim
2012 The tragedy of the commons and inflation bias in the euro areaDinger, Valeriya; Steinkamp, Sven; Westermann, Frank
2012 International reserves and the composition of equity capital inflowsQian, Xingwang; Steiner, Andreas
2012 On creditor seniority and sovereign bond prices in EuropeSteinkamp, Sven; Westermann, Frank
2012 Testing Wagner's law at different stages of economic development: A historical analysis of five Western European countriesKuckuck, Jan
2011 Are there spillover effects from Hong Kong and the United States to Chinese stock marketsDiekmann, Katharina
2011 The duration of bank retail interest ratesCraig, Ben R.; Dinger, Valeriya
2011 Does the introduction of IFRS change the timeless of loss recognition? Evidence from German firmsBrauer, Sebastian; Leuschner, Carl-Friedrich; Westermann, Frank
2010 Central banks' dilemma: Reserve accumulation, inflation and financial instabilitySteiner, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33