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2022 2D:4D and Self-Employment: A Preregistered Replication Study in a Large General Population SampleFossen, Frank M.; Neyse, Levent; Johannesson, Magnus; Dreber, Anna
2022 The Term Structure of Currency Futures' Risk PremiaBernoth, Kerstin; von Hagen, Jürgen; de Vries, Caspar
2022 The Development of Life Goals Across the Adult LifespanBuchinger, Laura; Richter, David; Heckhausen, Jutta
2022 The expansion of natural gas infrastructure puts energy transitions at riskKemfert, Claudia; Präger, Fabian; Braunger, Isabell; Hoffart, Franziska M.; Brauers, Hanna
2021 2D:4D does not predict economic preferences: Evidence from a large, representative sampleNeyse, Levent; Johannesson, Magnus; Dreber, Anna
2021 Face masks increase compliance with physical distancing recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemicSeres, Gyula; Balleyer, Anna Helen; Cerutti, Nicola; Danilov, Anastasia; Friedrichsen, Jana; Liu, Yiming; Süer, Müge
2021 Social Status Concerns and the Political Economy of Publicly Provided Private GoodsFriedrichsen, Jana; König, Tobias; Lausen, Tobias
2021 Changing fortunes and attitudes: what determines the political trust in modern Russia?Malkina, Marina Yu.; Ovchinnikov, Vyacheslav N.; Kholodilin, Konstantin A.
2021 Die Erforschung der Dynamik der Corona-Pandemie in Deutschland: Survey-Konzepte und eine exemplarische Umsetzung mit dem Sozio-oekonomischen Panel (SOEP)Rendtel, Ulrich; Liebig, Stefan; Meister, Reinhard; Wagner, Gert G.; Zinn, Sabine
2021 Dazugehören und zusammenhalten: Die Corona-Pandemie offenbart die Herausforderungen der Familienpolitik wie in einem BrennglasFegert, Jörg M.; Schuler-Harms, Margarete; Spieß, C. Katharina
2021 Leisure Activities as a Driver of Personality Development? A Random-Intercept Cross-lagged Panel Model Across 13 Years in AdulthoodSander, Julia; Schumann, Paul; Richter, David; Specht, Jule
2021 Carbon pricing of basic materials: Incentives and risks for the value chain and consumersStede, Jan; Pauliuk, Stefan; Hardadi, Gilang; Neuhoff, Karsten
2021 Redistribution and Insurance in Welfare States around the WorldBartels, Charlotte; Neumann, Dirk
2021 COVID-19 Associated Contact Restrictions in Germany: Marked Decline in Children’s Outpatient Visits for Infectious Diseases without Increasing Visits for Mental Health DisordersBarschkett, Mara; Koletzko, Berthold; Spiess, C. Katharina
2021 The effect of exposure to long working hours on alcohol consumption, risky drinking and alcohol use disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and InjuryPachito, Daniela V.; Pega, Frank; Bakusic, Jelena; Boonen, Emma; Clays, Els; Descatha, Alexis; Delvaux, Ellen; Bacquer, Dirk De; Koskenvuo, Karoliina; Kröger, Hannes; Lambrechts, Marie-Claire; Latorraca, Carolina O.C.; Li, Jian; Martimbianco, Ana L. Cabrera; Riera, Rachel; Rugulies, Reiner; Sembajwe, Grace; Siegrist, Johannes; Sillanmäki, Lauri; Sumanen, Markku; Suominen, Sakari; Ujita, Yuka; Vandersmissen, Godelieve; Godderis, Lode
2021 Panel Data in Research on Mobility and Migration: A Review of Recent AdvancesVidal, Sergi; Lersch, Philipp M.
2021 Parental Wealth and Children’s Cognitive Ability, Mental, and Physical Health: Evidence From the UK Millennium Cohort StudyMoulton, Vanessa; Goodman, Alissa; Nasim, Bilal; Ploubidis, George B.; Gambaro, Ludovica
2021 Web-based and mixed-mode cognitive large-scale assessments in higher education: An evaluation of selection bias, measurement bias, and prediction biasZinn, Sabine; Landrock, Uta; Gnambs, Timo
2021 Effects of decarbonization on the energy system and related employment effects in South AfricaHanto, Jonathan; Krawielicki, Lukas; Krumm, Alexandra; Moskalenko, Nikita; Löffler, Konstantin; Hauenstein, Christian; Oei, Pao-Yu
2021 Wealth of children from single-parent families: Low levels and high inequality in GermanyLersch, Philipp M.; Grabka, Markus M.; Rüß, Kilian; Schröder, Carsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 441