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2019 Not just a work permit: EU citizenship and the consumption behavior of documented and undocumented immigrantsAdamopoulou, Effrosyni; Kaya, Ezgi
2019 What causes Chinese listed firms to switch bank: Loan provider? Evidence from a survival analysisHuang, Jiayi; Matthews, Kent; Zhou, Peng
2019 Has fiscal expansion inflated house prices in China? Evidence from an estimated DSGE modelLiu, Chunping; Ou, Zhirong
2019 State-dependent pricing and its implications for monetary policyLe, Vo Phuong Mai; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick
2019 The health issues of the homeless and the homeless issues of the ill-healthDai, Li; Zhou, Peng
2019 Democracy, state capacity and public financeEasaw, Joshy Z.; Leppälä, Samuli
2019 Post-Brexit realism and international law: Renegotiating a bad Withdrawal AgreementMinford, Patrick
2019 Contests and negotiation between hubristic playersLong, Iain W.
2019 Response to Edwards and OgilvieForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2019 The effects of Brexit on the UK economyMinford, Patrick
2019 Private bank deposits and macro/fiscal risk in the euro-areaArghyrou, Michael Georgiou; Gadea, María Dolores
2019 The demographic transition in a unified growth model of the English economyForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2019 Behavioural change and alcohol-fuelled violence: A field experimentLong, Iain W.; Matthews, Kent; Sivarajasingam, Vaseekaran
2019 Trade wars under oligopoly: Who wins and is free trade sustainable?Collie, David R.
2019 Can a small New Keynesian model of the world economy with risk-pooling match the facts?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Zhu, Zheyi
2019 Nash vs. coarse correlationGeorgalos, Konstantinos; Ray, Indrajit; Gupta, Sonali Sen
2019 Gender wage gap across the quantiles: What is the role of firm segregation?Kaya, Ezgi
2019 Same-sex marriage, the great equalizerParakhonyak, Alexey; Popov, Sergey V.
2019 DCC-HEAVY: A multivariate GARCH model with realized measures of variance and correlationXu, Yongdeng
2018 Public opinion, elections, and environmental fiscal policyChortareas, Georgios E.; Logothetis, Vassilis E.; Papandreou, Andreas A.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 333