Cardiff Economics Working Papers, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Migration and tax yields in a devolved economyForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2016 From sunspots to black holes: Singular dynamics in macroeconomic modelsBrito, Paulo; da Costa, Luis Filipe Pereira; Dixon, Huw David
2016 Testing part of a DSGE model by indirect inferenceMinford, Patrick; Wickens, Michael R.; Xu, Yongdeng
2016 Gains from variety? Product differentiation and the possibility of losses from trade under Cournot oligopoly with free entryCollie, David R.
2016 Understanding UK trade agreements with the EU and other countriesMinford, Patrick
2016 Almost unbiased variance estimation in simultaneous equation modelsPhillips, Garry D. A.; Xu, Yongdeng
2016 A note on news about the future: The impact on DSGE models and their VAR representationLe, Vo Phuong Mai; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick
2016 Liquidity and credit risks in the UK's financial crisis: How "quantitative easing" changed the relationshipWong, Woon K.; Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Iris; Yao, Wanru; Howells, Peter G. A.
2016 Financial development, structure and growth: New data, method and resultsLuintel, Kul Bahadur; Khan, Mosahid; Leon-Gonzalez, Roberto; Li, Guang Jie
2015 Oil prices and the dynamics of output and real exchange rateMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Oyekola, Olayinka
2015 Energy business cyclesMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Oyekola, Olayinka
2015 Tax, regulation and economic growth: A case study of the UKMinford, Lucy
2015 Evaluating European trading arrangementsMinford, Patrick
2015 Cash-in-hand, benefit fraud and unemployment insuranceLong, Ian W.; Polito, Vito
2015 Information-revelation and coordination using cheap talk in a game with two-sided private informationGanguly, Chirantan; Ray, Indrajit
2015 Testing macro models by indirect inference: A survey for usersLe, Vo Phuong Mai; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Wickens, Michael; Xu, Yongdeng
2015 Young adults living with their parents and the influence of peersAdamopoulou, Effrosyni; Kaya, Ezgi
2015 The CDS-bond basis puzzle in the financial sectorKryukova, Marina; Copeland, Laurence
2015 SMEs and access to bank credit: Evidence on the regional propagation of the financial crisis in the UKDegryse, Hans; Matthews, Kent; Zhao, Tianshu
2015 Household forming inflation expectations: Why do they 'overreact'?Easaw, Joshy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 284