Cardiff Economics Working Papers, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Fighting collusion: An implementation theory approachAzacis, Helmuts; Vida, P├ęter
2021 Computable general equilibrium models of trade in the modern trade policy debateChen, Gang; Dong, Xue; Minford, Patrick; Qiua, Guanhua; Xu, Yongdeng; Xu, Zequn
2021 Innovation policy and performance of Eastern European countriesForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2021 Does the frequency of reminders matter for their effectiveness? A randomized controlled trialAntinyan, Armenak; Asatryan, Zareh; Dai, Zhixin; Wang, Kezhi
2021 Financial development and economic growth in a microfounded small open economy modelZhang, Bo; Zhou, Peng
2021 The pricing of unexpected volatility in the currency marketLu, Wenna; Copeland, Laurence S.; Xu, Yongdeng
2021 Free Trade under Brexit: Why its benefits have been widely underestimatedMinford, Patrick
2021 Testing competing world trade models against the facts of world tradeMinford, Patrick; Xu, Yongdeng; Dong, Xue
2021 Estimating macro models and the potentially misleading nature of Bayesian estimationMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Wickens, Michael R.
2021 Sectoral shocks and monetary policy in the United KingdomDixon, Huw; Franklin, Jeremy; Millard, Stephen Patrick
2021 Macroprudential regulation in the post-crisis era: Has the pendulum swung too far?Lyu, Juyi; Le, Vo Phuong Mai; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick
2021 Estimation in partially linear semiparametric models with parametric and/or nonparametric endogeneityKim, Namhyun; Saart, Patrick W.
2021 Public private partnerships in Britain: Interpreting recent experienceForeman-Peck, James S.
2021 The eurozone: What is to be done?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Wickens, Michael R.; Zhu, Zheyi
2021 Understanding spatial heterogeneity in GB agricultural land-use for improved policy targetingSaart, Patrick W.; Kim, Namhyun; Bateman, Ian
2021 Revisiting the determinants of house prices in China's megacities: Cross-sectional heterogeneity, interdependencies and spilloversLiu, Chunping; Ou, Zhirong
2021 Should Hong Kong switch to Taylor rule? Evidence from DSGE modelMeenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Zhao, Zhiqi
2021 Can debt monetisation be helpful for China's post-Covid recovery? Some empirical evidenceCao, Ziyi; Ou, Zhirong
2021 State-dependent or time-dependent pricing? New evidence from a monthly firm-level survey: 1980-2017Dixon, Huw; Grimme, Christian
2021 Multilateral political effects on outbound tourismZhou, Bo; Zhang, Ying; Zhou, Peng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 369