CAE Working Papers, Center for Analytical Economics (CAE), Cornell University

ISSN: 1936-5098

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Efficient Ramsey equilibriaBecker, Robert A.; Mitra, Tapan
2011 Failure of a credit system: Implications of the large deviation theoryBhattacharya, Rabi; Majumdar, Mukul
2011 Strategic analysis of influence peddlingMajumdar, Mukul; Yoo, Seung Han
2011 The nature of risk preferences: Evidence from insurance choicesBarseghyan, Levon; Molinari, Francesca; O'Donoghue, Ted; Teitelbaum, Joshua
2010 On optimal forest management: A bifurcation analysisDasgupta, Swagan; Mitra, Tapan
2010 On equitable social welfare functions satisfying the weak Pareto axion: A complete characterizationDubey, Ram Sewak; Mitra, Tapan
2010 The Bayesian approach to default risk: A guideJacobs, Michael; Kiefer, Nicholas M.
2010 Sustained positive consumption in a model of stochastic growth: The role of risk aversionMitra, Tapan; Roy, Santanu
2010 On representation and weighted utilitarian representation of preference orders on finite streamsMitra, Tapan; Ozbek, Mahmut Kemal
2010 On the nature of suppes-sen choice functions in an aggregative growth modelDubey, Ram Sewak; Mitra, Tapan
2009 On the Phelps-Koopmans theoremMitra, Tapan; Ray, Debraj
2009 Incentive-compatible elicitation of quantilesKiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 A simple model of the financial crisis of 2007-9 with implications for the design of a stimulus packageBasu, Kaushik
2009 Correlated defaults, temporal correlation, expert information and predictability of default ratesKiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 Equivalence of utilitarian maximal and weakly maximal programsBanerjee, Kuntal; Mitra, Tapan
2009 Geometry of the log-likelihood ratio statistic in misspecified modelsChoi, Hwan-sik; Kiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 Literacy traps: Society-wide education and individual skill premiaAtal, Vidya; Basu, Kaushik; Gray, John; Lee, Travis
2009 The mechanics of central bank intervention in foreign exchange marketsBasu, Kaushik
2009 Altriusm, other-regarding behavior and identity: The moral basis of prosperity and oppressionBasu, Kaushik
2009 The maximum entropy distribution for stochastically ordered random variables with fixed marginalsKiefer, Nicholas M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41