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Attanasio, Orazio
Benavides, Claudia
Borda, Catalina
Castro, Carlos
Carvajal, Maria Elvira
Gómez, Luis Carlos
Gómez, Ana
Gómez, Luis Fernando
Grillo, Santiago
Gutiérrez, Martha Isabel
Heredia, Rodolfo
Romero, Jhon Jairo
Alvarez, Jorge Luis
Meghir, Costas
Mojica, Maria Teresa
Muñoz, Manuel
Muñoz, Mariana
Murgueitio, Carolina
Patarroyo, Marcela
Ramírez, Manuel
Reyes, Alvaro
Rivas, Guillermo
Roa, Sonia
Salamanca, Hernan
Sandoval, Diego
Syed, Murtaza
Van Strahlen, Patricia
Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
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Series/Report no.: 
IFS Report
This report describes the survey that was carried out in 122 communities in rural Colombia bythe consortium formed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Econometria and SEI as the baselinefor the impact evaluation of Familias en Acción, a programme to foster the accumulation of human capital in rural Colombia, run by the Colombian government.
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Research Report

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