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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Constraints and trade-offs for the next governmentEmmerson, Carl; Farquharson, Christine; Johnson, Paul; Zaranko, Ben
2024Ethnic diversity of NHS doctorsStockton, Isabel; Warner, Max
2024Higher long-term interest rates and the cost of student loansOgden, Kate; Ridpath, Nick; Waltmann, Ben
2023Policy risks to the fiscal outlookEmmerson, Carl; Mikloés, Martin; Stockton, Isabel
2023Understanding pension saving among the self-employedCribb, Jonathan; Karjalainen, Heidi
2023How important are defined contribution pensions for financing retirement?Cribb, Jonathan; Karjalainen, Heidi
2023How did parents' experiences in the labour market shape children's social and emotional development during the pandemic?Cattan, Sarah; Farquharson, Christine; Krutikova, Sonya; McKendrick, Andrew; Sevilla, Almudena
2023Outlook for the public financesEmmerson, Carl; Mikloés, Martin; Stockton, Isabel
2023Early years spending update: Budget reforms and beyondDrayton, Elaine; Farquharson, Christine
2023Are the kids alright? The early careers of education leavers since the COVID-19 pandemicRay-Chaudhuri, Sam; Xu, Xiaowei
2023How does school spending per pupil differ across the UK?Sibieta, Luke
2023The cost of living crisis: A pre-Budget briefingCribb, Jonathan; Joyce, Robert; Karjalainen, Heidi; Ray-Chaudhuri, Sam; Waters, Tom; Wernham, Thomas; Xu, Xiaowei
2023Distributional analysis of Ghana's tax systemIddrisu, Abdul Malik; Phillips, David; Chackson, Benjamin Kamal; Blanchard, Tom
2023The costs of obesityGriffith, Rachel
2023Analysis of Scottish tax and benefit reformsWaters, Tom; Wernham, Tom
2023Investment in training and skillsTahir, Imran
2023Progression of parents in NHS medical and nursing careersKelly, Elaine; Stockton, Isabel
2023The triple lock: Uncertainty for pension incomes and the public financesCribb, Jonathan; Emmerson, Carl; Karjalainen, Heidi
2023One year on from the backlog recovery plan: What next for NHS waiting lists?Warner, Max; Zaranko, Ben
2023School and neighbourhood segregation in Scotland and EnglandDrayton, Elaine; Greaves, Ellen; Rossi, Gennaro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 249