Working Papers, Economics Department, University of California Santa Cruz

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Varieties of risk elicitationFriedman, Daniel; Habib, Sameh; James, Duncan; Crockett, Sean
2018 Are transparency and accountability enough? Open corruption and why it existsJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay; Zimmermann, Laura
2017 Mental health policy in India: Seven sets of questions and some answersMirza, Arshad; Singh, Nirvikar
2017 Do voters or politicians choose the outcomes of elections? Evidence from high-stakes U.S. state legislative electionsJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay
2017 Endogenous institutions: The case of U.S. Congressional redistrictingJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay
2017 Aggregation and convergence in experimental general equilibrium economies constructed from naturally occurring preferencesCrockett, Sean; Friedman, Daniel; Oprea, Ryan
2017 Financial inclusion: Concepts, issues and policies for IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2017 A theoretical model of the investors exchangeAldrich, Eric M.; Friedman, Daniel
2016 How fundamentalism takes root: A simulation studyFriedman, Daniel; Fan, Jijian; Gair, Jonathan; Iyer, Sriya; Redlicki, Bartosz; Velu, Chander
2016 Online ad auctions: An experimentMcLaughlin, Kevin; Friedman, Daniel
2016 Driving to drink: Tax avoidance along the Washington-Oregon borderLoPiccalo, K.
2016 Supply chain dynamics with assortative matchingChai, Caichun; Francis, Eilin; Xiao, Tiaojun
2015 Breaking the mold: Thoughts on Punjab's future economic developmentSingh, Nirvikar
2015 Punjab's agricultural innovation challengeSingh, Nirvikar
2015 Technology and education: Computers, software, and the internetBulman, George; Fairlie, Robert W.
2015 Immigration and entrepreneurshipFairlie, Robert W.; Lofstrom, Magnus
2015 Do boys and girls use computers differently, and does it contribute to why boys do worse in school than girls?Fairlie, Robert W.
2015 Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economyKephart, Curtis; Friedman, Daniel; Baumer, Matt
2015 Heterogeneous patterns of financial development: Implications for Asian financial integrationBun, Linh; Singh, Nirvikar
2015 Aggregate dynamics in a large virtual economy: Prices and real activity in Team Fortress 2Baumer, Matt; Kephart, Curtis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 160