Working Papers, Economics Department, University of California Santa Cruz

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2019 The 0.0003 percent: Short-run dynamics of extreme wealth in AmericaMirza, Arshad; Singh, Nirvikar
2019 When are mixed equilibria relevant?Friedman, Daniel; Zhao, Shuchen
2018 Varieties of risk elicitationFriedman, Daniel; Habib, Sameh; James, Duncan; Crockett, Sean
2018 Are transparency and accountability enough? Open corruption and why it existsJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay; Zimmermann, Laura
2017 Aggregation and convergence in experimental general equilibrium economies constructed from naturally occurring preferencesCrockett, Sean; Friedman, Daniel; Oprea, Ryan
2017 Mental health policy in India: Seven sets of questions and some answersMirza, Arshad; Singh, Nirvikar
2017 Do voters or politicians choose the outcomes of elections? Evidence from high-stakes U.S. state legislative electionsJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay
2017 Endogenous institutions: The case of U.S. Congressional redistrictingJeong, Dahyeon; Shenoy, Ajay
2017 Financial inclusion: Concepts, issues and policies for IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2017 A theoretical model of the investors exchangeAldrich, Eric M.; Friedman, Daniel
2016 How fundamentalism takes root: A simulation studyFriedman, Daniel; Fan, Jijian; Gair, Jonathan; Iyer, Sriya; Redlicki, Bartosz; Velu, Chander
2016 Supply chain dynamics with assortative matchingChai, Caichun; Francis, Eilin; Xiao, Tiaojun
2016 Driving to drink: Tax avoidance along the Washington-Oregon borderLoPiccalo, K.
2016 Online ad auctions: An experimentMcLaughlin, Kevin; Friedman, Daniel
2015 Technology and education: Computers, software, and the internetBulman, George; Fairlie, Robert W.
2015 Heterogeneous patterns of financial development: Implications for Asian financial integrationBun, Linh; Singh, Nirvikar
2015 Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economyKephart, Curtis; Friedman, Daniel; Baumer, Matt
2015 Immigration and entrepreneurshipFairlie, Robert W.; Lofstrom, Magnus
2015 Do boys and girls use computers differently, and does it contribute to why boys do worse in school than girls?Fairlie, Robert W.
2015 Breaking the mold: Thoughts on Punjab's future economic developmentSingh, Nirvikar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 162