Staff Reports, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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2017 Regional heterogeneity and monetary policyBeraja, Martin; Fuster, Andreas; Hurst, Erik; Vavra, Joseph
2017 The time-varying price of financial intermediation in the mortgage marketFuster, Andreas; Lo, Stephanie H.; Willen, Paul S.
2017 The behavior of uncertainty and disagreement and their roles in economic prediction: A panel analysisRich, Robert W.; Tracy, Joseph S.
2017 Disaster (over-)insurance: The long-term financial and socioeconomic consequences of Hurricane KatrinaBleemer, Zachary; van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2017 Beyond thirty: Treasury issuance of long-term bonds from 1953 to 1965Garbade, Kenneth D.
2016 The economics of bank supervisionEisenbach, Thomas M.; Lucca, David O.; Townsend, Robert M.
2016 Parsing the content of bank supervisionGoldsmith-Pinkham, Paul; Hirtle, Beverly J.; Lucca, David O.
2016 The impact of supervision on bank performanceHirtle, Beverly J.; Kovner, Anna; Plosser, Matthew
2016 Health spending slowed down in spite of the crisisDiMaggio, Marco; Haughwout, Andrew; Kermani, Amir; Mazewski, Matthew; Pinkovskiy, Maxim
2016 The first debt ceiling crisisGarbade, Kenneth D.
2016 The science of monetary policy: An imperfect knowledge perspectiveEusepi, Stefano; Preston, Bruce
2016 The payment system benefits of high reserve balancesMcAndrews, James Joseph; Kroeger, Alexander
2016 Global price of risk and stabilization policiesAdrian, Tobias; Stackman, Daniel; Vogt, Erik
2016 International shocks and domestic prices: How large are strategic complementarities?Amiti, Mary; Itskhoki, Oleg; Konings, Jozef
2016 Repurchase agreements as an instrument of monetary policy at the time of the accordGarbade, Kenneth D.
2016 Organizational complexity and balance sheet management in global banksCetorelli, Nicola; Goldberg, Linda S.
2016 The early years of the primary dealer systemGarbade, Kenneth D.
2016 The Federal Reserve and market confidenceBoyarchenko, Nina; Haddad, Valentin; Plosser, Matthew C.
2016 The term structure of expectations and bond yieldsCrump, Richard K.; Eusepi, Stefano; Moench, Emanuel
2016 How to escape a liquidity trap with interest rate rulesDuarte, Fernando
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 703