Staff Reports, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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2022 Exorbitant privilege? Quantitative easing and the bond market subsidy of prospective fallen angelsAcharya, Viral V.; Banerjee, Ryan; Crosignani, Matteo; Eisert, Tim; Spigt, Renée
2022 Government procurement and access to credit: Firm dynamics and aggregate implicationsDi Giovanni, Julian; García-Santana, Manuel; Jeenas, Priit; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Pijoan-Mas, Josep
2022 Who can tell which banks will fail?Blickle, Kristian; Brunnermeier, Markus Konrad; Luck, Stephan
2022 Mortgage-backed securitiesFuster, Andreas; Lucca, David O.; Vickery, James
2022 Financial stability considerations for monetary policy: Empirical evidence and challengesBoyarchenko, Nina; Favara, Giovanni; Schularick, Moritz
2022 Financial stability considerations for monetary policy: Theoretical mechanismsAjello, Andrea; Boyarchenko, Nina; Gourio, François; Tambalotti, Andrea
2022 Unintended consequences of "mandatory" flood insuranceBlickle, Kristian; Santos, João A. C.
2022 Monetary policy and the run risk of loan fundsCetorelli, Nicola; La Spada, Gabriele; Santos, João A. C.
2022 A new approach to assess inflation expectations anchoring using strategic surveysArmantier, Olivier; Sbordone, Argia M.; Topa, Giorgio; Van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Williams, John C.
2022 Macroeconomic drivers and the pricing of uncertainty, inflation, and bondsBok, Brandyn; Mertens, Thomas; Williams, John C.
2022 Money market fund vulnerabilities: A global perspectiveBouveret, Antoine; Martin, Antoine; McCabe, Patrick E.
2022 The global dash for cash: Why sovereign bond market functioning varied across jurisdictions in March 2020Barone, Jordan; Chaboud, Alain; Copeland, Adam; Kavoussi, Cullen; Keane, Frank; Searls, Seth
2022 Activist manipulation dynamicsCetemen, Esat Doruk; Cisternas, Gonzalo; Kolb, Aaron; Viswanathan, S.
2022 Climate regulatory risks and corporate bondsSeltzer, Lee; Starks, Laura T.; Zhu, Qifei
2022 Scarce, abundant, or ample? A time-varying model of the reserve demand curveAfonso, Gara; Giannone, Domenico; La Spada, Gabriele; Williams, John C.
2022 Global supply chain pressures, international trade, and inflationDi Giovanni, Julian; Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem; Silva, Álvaro; Yildirim, Muhammed Ali
2022 A Bayesian approach for inference on probabilistic surveysDel Negro, Marco; Casarin, Roberto; Bassetti, Federico
2022 Fragility of safe asset marketsEisenbach, Thomas M.; Phelan, Gregory
2022 Misinformation in social media: The role of verification incentivesCisternas, Gonzalo; Vásquez, Jorge
2022 GDP solera: The ideal vintage mixAlmuzara, Martín; Amengual, Dante; Fiorentini, Gabriele; Sentana, Enrique
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 927