Staff Reports, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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2021 Fundamental disagreement about monetary policy and the term structure of interest ratesCao, Shuo; Crump, Richard K.; Eusepi, Stefano; Mönch, Emanuel
2021 Dealers and the Dealer of Last Resort: Evidence from MBS Markets in the COVID-19 CrisisChen, Jiakai; Liu, Haoyang; Sarkar, Asani; Song, Zhaogang
2021 Cyber risk and the U.S. financial system: A pre-mortem analysisEisenbach, Thomas M.; Kovner, Anna; Lee, Michael Junho
2021 The overnight driftBoyarchenko, Nina; Larsen, Lars C.; Whelan, Paul
2021 Asset pricing with cohort-based trading in MBS marketsFusari, Nicola; Li, Wei; Liu, Haoyang; Song, Zhaogang
2021 Pirates without borders: The propagation of cyberattacks through firms' supply chainsCrosignani, Matteo; Macchiavelli, Marco; Silva, André F.
2021 Complexity and riskiness of banking organizations: Evidence from the International Banking Research NetworkBuch, Claudia M.; Goldberg, Linda S.
2021 Mapping a sector's scope transformation and the value of following the evolving coreCetorelli, Nicola; Jacobides, Michael G.; Stern, Samuel
2021 Specialization in bankingBlickle, Kristian; Parlatore, Cecilia; Saunders, Anthony
2021 U.S. market concentration and import competitionAmiti, Mary; Heise, Sebastian
2021 Monetizing privacyGarratt, Rod; Lee, Michael Junho
2021 Monetary policy and racial inequalityBartscher, Alina Kristin; Kuhn, Moritz; Schularick, Moritz; Wachtel, Paul
2021 Measuring corporate bond market dislocationsBoyarchenko, Nina; Crump, Richard K.; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2021 Credit access and mobility during the Flint water crisisGorton, Nicole; Pinkovskiy, Maxim
2021 Inflation expectations and risk premia in emerging bond markets: Evidence from MexicoBeauregard, Remy; Christensen, Jens H. E.; Fischer, Eric; Zhu, Simon
2021 The option value of municipal liquidity: Evidence from federal lending cutoffs during COVID-19Haughwout, Andrew; Hijmans, Benjamin L.; Shachar, Or
2021 The real consequences of macroprudential FX regulationsJung, Hyeyoon
2021 The heterogeneous impact of referrals on labor market outcomesLester, Benjamin; Rivers, David A.; Topa, Giorgio
2021 The Main Street Lending ProgramArseneau, David M.; Fillat Comenge, José Luis; Morgan, Donald P.; Mahar, Molly; van den Heuvel, Skander
2021 The Primary and Secondary Corporate Credit facilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Cox, Caren; Crump, Richard K.; Danzig, Andrew; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or; Steiner, Patrick
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 887