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Cheon, SangHyun
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Working Paper, Institute of Urban and Regional Development 2007,03
This research is to evaluate whether and how global port reform efforts since the early 1990s strongly pursued in many Pacific Rim countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and many other ports in Latin America contribute to higher productivity. The research, as the basis of Mr. SangHyun Cheon's Ph.D. dissertation (the graduate student researcher conducting this research), theoretically aims to understand the ways port institutions, such as port ownership and corporate structure, influence port productivity. In order to examine the question, this research reviewed, compared, and created a database of port governing and managing models of more than 150 important global container ports. The research is particularly motivated by the belief that the lack of empirical data and research on the global seaport sector prevents a comprehensive view of the productivity of container ports, and several institutional models in Pacific Rim countries can suggest (1) factors to effect better port efficiency in port management and (2) innovative and flexible mechanisms of port management by leading performers
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Working Paper

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