Working Papers, Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD), University of California Berkeley

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2014Integrated disaster recovery: Linking health care and disaster case managementVan Dyke, Craig; Comerio, Mary C.; Seaman, William E.; Chakos, Arrietta
2013Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): An efficient and competitive mode of public transportCervero, Robert
2013A turning point for planning theory? Overcoming dividing discoursesInnes, Judith
2013Transport infrastructure and the environment: Sustainable mobility and urbanismCervero, Robert
2012Less parking, more carsharing: Supporting small-scale transit-oriented developmentDentel-Post, Colin
2012Understanding the market for secondary units in the East BayWegmann, Jake; Chapple, Karen
2012Yes, but will they let us build? The feasibility of secondary units in the East BayNemirow, Alison; Chapple, Karen
2012Scaling up secondary unit production in the East Bay: Impacts and policy implicationsWegmann, Jake; Nemirow, Alison; Chapple, Karen
2012Crossings: Natural and cultural values for sustainable development of the Naturtejo Geopark. An international, interdisciplinary workshop. May 19-30, 2011 (a bilingual document)Simons, Crystal Ward; Kondolf, G. Mathias
2011Water, neighborhoods and urban design: Micro-utilities and the fifth infrastructureElmer, Vicki; Fraker, H.
2011Cities in times of crisis. The response of local governments in light of the global economic crisis: The role of the formation of human capital, urban innovation and strategic planningCohen, Manuel Perlo
2011Secondary units and urban infill: A literature reviewWegmann, Jake; Nemirow, Alison
2011Public housing and unemployment: Skills and spatial mismatch in postindustrial Hong KongMonkkonen, Paavo
2011Connecting Cairo to the Nile: Renewing life and heritage on the riverKondolf, George Mathias; Mozingo, Louise; Marzion, Rachael; Balakrishnan, Krishnachandran; Gohar, Amir; Jewell, Linda; Shaker, Sami Sabri; Shalaby, Ahmed; Abbassy, Noha; Church, Tami
2011Socioeconomic segregation in Hong Kong: Spatial and ordinal measures in a high-density and highly unequal cityMonkkonen, Paavo; Zhang, Xiaohu
2010Strategies for megaregion governance: Collaborative dialogue, networks and self organizationInnes, Judith E.; Booher, David E.; Di Vittorio, Sarah
2010Kid-friendly TODsCervero, Robert; Sullivan, Cathleen
2010Valuing rail transit: Comparing capital and operating costs to consumer benefitsGuerra, Erick
2010Measuring residential segregation in urban Mexico: Levels and patternsMonkkonen, Paavo
2010From high rise to coast: Revitalizing Ribeira da BarcarenaKondolf, Matt; Podolak, Kristen; Gaffney, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 85