Working Paper Series, School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Can financial incentives reduce the baby gap? Evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefitsRaute, Anna
2018 The evolving impact of global, region-specific and country-specific uncertaintyMumtazy, Haroon; Mussoz, Alberto
2018 Immigrant crime and legal status: Evidence from repeated amnesty programsFasani, Francesco
2018 A model of tournament incentives with corruptionWang, Bin; Zheng, Yu
2018 Non-linear effects of oil shocks on stock pricesMumtaz, Haroon; Pirzada, Ahmed; Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2018 Labor share decline and intellectual property products capitalKoh, Dongya; Santaeulàlia-Llopis, Raül; Zhen, Yu
2018 Measuring the origins of macroeconomic uncertaintyMumtaz, Haroon
2018 Common and country specific factors in the distribution of real wagesChatzivgeri, Eleni; Mumtazy, Haroon; Tavasciz, Daniela; Ventimigliax, Luigi
2018 The contribution of frictions to expected returnsHirakiy, Kazuhiro; Skiadopoulos, George
2018 Changing impact of shocks: A time-varying proxy SVAR approachMumtaz, Haroon; Petrova, Katerina
2018 Positive stock information in out-of-the-money option pricesGkionis, Konstantinos; Kostakis, Alexandros; Skiadopoulos, George; Stilger, Przemyslaw S.
2018 Optimal default policies in defined contribution pension plans when employees are biasedIvanov, Asen
2018 Nonlinear household earnings dynamics, self-insurance, and welfareDe Nardi, Mariacristina; Fella, Giulio; Paz Pardo, Gonzalo
2018 Information design in multi-stage gamesMakris, Miltiadis; Renou, Ludovic
2018 Time-consistent consumption taxationLaczo, Sarolta; Rossi, Raffaele
2018 Sample separation and the sensitivity of investment to cash flow: Is the monotonicity condition empirically satisfied?Iona, Alfonsina; Leonida, Leone
2018 Firms and economic performance: A view from tradeBonfiglioli, Alessandra; Crinò, Rosario; Gancia, Gino Alessandro
2018 Economic uncertainty and structural reformsBonfiglioli, Alessandra; Gancia, Gino Alessandro
2018 Economics of voluntary information sharingLiberti, José; Sturgess, Jason; Sutherland, Andrew
2018 How do laws and institutions affect recovery rates on collateral?Degryse, Hans; Ioannidou, Vasso; Liberti, José María; Sturgess, Jason
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 434