WIDER Working Papers, World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Explaining cross-state earnings inequality differentials in India: An RIF decomposition approachGradín, Carlos
2018 An empirical analysis of state fragility and growth: The impact of state ineffectiveness and political violenceFerreira, Ines A.
2018 Intergovernmental fiscal transfers and tactical political maneuverings: Evidence from Ghana's District Assemblies Common FundFumey, Abel
2018 The effect of Hukou registration policy on rural-to-urban migrants' healthBengoa, Marta; Rick, Christopher
2018 The tipping point: The impact of rising electricity tariffs on large firms in South AfricaGoliger, Angelika; McMillan, Landon
2018 Contract farming in Mozambique: Implications on gender inequalities within and across rural householdsNavarra, Cecilia
2018 Household tipping points in the face of rising electricity tariffs in South AfricaGoliger, Angelika; Cassim, Aalia
2018 The impact of social mobilization on health service delivery and health outcomes: Evidence from rural PakistanGiné, Xavier; Khalid, Salma; Mansuri, Ghazala
2018 Extractive industries and development: Lessons from international experience for MozambiqueRoe, Alan
2018 NGOs and the effectiveness of interventionsUsmani, Faraz; Jeuland, Marc; Pattanayak, Subhrendu
2018 The impact of educational achievement on the integration and wellbeing of Afghan refugee youth in the UKGladwell, Catherine; Thomas, Jennie; Chetwynd, Georgina; Majeed, Saliha; Burke, Carolyn; Stubbs, Victoria; Zahid, Seemin
2018 Maternal mortality and women's political participationBhalotra, Sonia R.; Clarke, Damian; Gomes, Joseph Flavian; Venkataramani, Atheendar S.
2018 Quantifying the contribution of a subpopulation to inequality: An application to MozambiqueGradín, Carlos
2018 We need land first: Identifying local needs for sustainable recovery after the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, NepalHe, Lulu
2018 Horizontal inequality and data challengesCanelas, Carla; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2018 Simulating the effect on households' real consumption and poverty of the increase in prices that followed the 2015-16 economic crisis in MozambiqueMambo, Félix; Paris, Yonesse; Salvucci, Vincenzo; Santos, Ricardo
2018 The information content of the yield spread about future inflation in South AfricaNtshakala, Manqoba; Harris, Laurence
2018 Stock-and-flow-consistent macroeconomic model for South AfricaMakrelov, Konstantin; Arndt, Channing; Davies, Rob; Harris, Laurence
2018 The integration of Vietnamese refugees in London and the UK: Fragmentation, complexity, and "in/visibility"Barber, Tamsin
2018 Following in their footsteps: An analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in GhanaEgge, Eva-Maria; Litchfield, Julie A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1325