WIDER Working Papers, World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 How do voters respond to information on self-serving elite behaviour? Evidence from a randomized survey experiment in TanzaniaKolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne
2018 Diaspora externalities: A view from the SouthRapoport, Hillel
2018 Fiscal multipliers in South Africa: The importance of financial sector dynamicsMakrelov, Konstantin; Arndt, Channing; Davies, Robert H.; Harris, Laurence
2018 Does union membership pay off? Evidence from Vietnamese SMEsTorm, Nina
2018 Early life shocks and mental health: The long-term effect of war in VietnamSinghal, Saurabh
2018 Horizontal inequality as a dependent variableCanelas, Carla; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2018 How important are management practices for the productivity of small and medium enterprises?Demenet, Axel; Hoang, Quynh
2018 Rural roads and urban agglomeration economies: Benefits for town and country?Bell, Clive
2018 Why do household businesses in Viet Nam stay informal?Tran Thi Bich; Hai Anh La
2018 Pecuniary returns to working conditions in Viet NamNordman, Christophe J.; Sharma, Smriti
2018 Rowing against the current: Diversification in Africa's resource-rich economiesPage, John M.
2018 On the persistence of growth for South African firmsMamburu, Mulalo
2018 Return migration and socioeconomic mobility in MENA: Evidence from labour market panel surveysHlasny, Vladimir; AlAzzawi, Shireen
2018 Escaping the periphery: The East Asian "mystery" solvedWade, Robert H.
2018 Pro-poor growth in Indonesia: Challenging the pessimism of Myrdal's Asian DramaTimmer, Charles Peter
2018 The interaction of institutional quality and human capital in shaping the dynamics of capital structure in Viet NamSantarelli, Enrico; Hien Thu Tran
2018 Legal empowerment and group-based inequalityGisselquist, Rachel M.
2018 Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in contextKanbur, Ravi
2018 Skills, personality traits, and gender wage gaps: Evidence from BangladeshNordman, Christophe J.; Sarr, Leopold R.; Sharma, Smriti
2018 The gender gap in firm productivity in Rwanda: Evidence from establishment and household enterprise dataMunyegera, Ggombe Kasim; Precious, Akampumuza
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1325