Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Price-level dispersion versus inflation-rate dispersion: Evidence from three countriesFielding, David; Hajzler, Christopher; MacGee, James
2017 Expropriation risk and FDI in developing countries: Does return of capital dominate return on capital?Akhtaruzzaman, M.; Berg, Nathan; Hajzler, Christopher
2017 Terms-of-trade and house price fluctuations: A cross-country studyCorrigan, Paul
2017 A dynamic factor model for nowcasting Canadian GDP growthChernis, Tony; Sekkel, Rodrigo
2017 Banking regulation and market makingCimon, David A.; Garriott, Corey
2017 Adoption costs of financial innovation: Evidence from Italian ATM CardsHuynh, Kim P.; Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp; Smith, Gregor W.; Welte, Angelika
2017 Canadian bank notes and Dominion notes: Lessons for digital currenciesFung, Ben Siu-cheong; Hendry, Scott; Weber, Warren E.
2017 Stability and efficiency in decentralized two-sided markets with weak preferencesRaykov, Radoslav S.
2017 Optimal capital regulationMoyen, Stéphane; Schroth, Josef
2016 Broker routing decisions in limit order marketsCimon, David A.
2016 A general approach to recovering market expectations from futures prices with an application to crude oilBaumeister, Christiane; Kilian, Lutz
2016 Identification and estimation of risk aversion in first-price auctions with unobserved auction heterogeneityGrundl, Serafin; Zhu, Yu
2016 Should monetary policy lean against housing market booms?Alpanda, Sami; Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2016 Early warning of financial stress events: A credit-regime-switching approachLi, Fuchun; Xiao, Hongyu
2016 Monetary policy tradeoffs between financial stability and price stabilityShukayev, Malik; Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2016 Business cycles in small, open economies: Evidence from panel data between 1900 and 2013Miyamoto, Wataru; Nguyen, Thuy Lan
2016 Reconciling the differences in aggregate U.S. wage seriesChampagne, Julien; Kurmann, André; Stewart, Jay
2016 Agency costs, risk shocks and international cyclesLetendre, Marc-André; Wagner, Joel
2016 Measuring systemic risk across financial market infrastructuresLi, Fuchun; Pérez Saiz, Héctor
2016 Macroeconomic uncertainty through the lens of professional forecastersJo, Soojin; Sekkel, Rodrigo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 488