Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Equilibrium in two-sided markets for payments: Consumer awareness and the welfare cost of the interchange feeHuynh, Kim P.; Nicholls, Gradon; Shcherbakov, Oleksandr
2022 Exports and the exchange rate: A general equilibrium perspectiveAlexander, Patrick; Reza, Abeer
2022 Job ladder and business cyclesAlves, Felipe
2022 What COVID-19 may leave behind: Technology-related job postings in CanadaBellatin, Alejandra; Galassi, Gabriela
2022 Addictive platformsIchihashi, Shota; Kim, Byung-Cheol
2022 On the wedge between the PPI and CPI inflation indicatorsWei, Shang-jin; Xie, Yinxi
2022 The central bank strikes back! Credibility of monetary policy under fiscal influenceCamous, Antoine; Matveev, Dmitry
2022 Monetary policy and redistribution in open economiesGuo, Xing; Ottonello, Pablo; Perez, Diego J.
2022 Household heterogeneity and the performance of monetary policy frameworksDjeutem, Edouard; He, Mario; Reza, Abeer; Zhang, Yang
2022 Macroeconomic predictions using payments data and machine learningChapman, James; Desai, Ajit
2022 Dynamic privacy choicesIchihashi, Shota
2022 Central bank liquidity facilities and market makingCimon, David A.; Walton, Adrian
2022 Vertical bargaining and obfuscationReshidi, Edona
2022 Firm inattention and the efficacy of monetary policy: A text-based approachSong, Wenting; Stern, Samuel
2022 The financial origins of non-fundamental riskAcharya, Sushant; Dogra, Keshav; Singh, Sanjay R.
2022 What drives Bitcoin fees? Using Segwit to assess Bitcoin's long-run sustainabilityBrown, Colin M.; Chiu, Jonathan; Koeppl, Thorsten V.
2022 Business closures and (re)openings in real time using Google PlacesDuprey, Thibaut; Rigobon, Daniel E.; Schnattinger, Philip; Kotlicki, Artur; Baharian, Soheil; Hurd, T. R.
2022 Financial intermediaries and the macroeconomy: Evidence from a high-frequency identificationOttonello, Pablo; Song, Wenting
2022 Asymmetric systemic riskRaykov, Radoslav; Silva-Buston, Consuelo
2022 Endogenous liquidity and capital reallocationCui, Wei; Wright, Randall D.; Zhu, Yu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 824