Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Are long-horizon expectations (de-)stabilizing? Theory and experimentsEvans, George W.; Hommes, Cars H.; McGough, Bruce; Salle, Isabelle
2019 Resolving filed banks: Uncertainty, multiple bidding & auction designAllen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Hickman, Brent; Richert, Eric
2019 Flight from safety: How a change to the deposit insurance limit affects households' portfolio allocationDamar, Evren; Gropp, Reint; Mordel, Adi
2019 The intergenerational correlation of employment: Is there a role for work culture?Galassi, Gabriela; Koll, David; Mayr, Lukas
2019 The simple economics of global fuel consumptionBilgin, Doga; Ellwanger, Reinhard
2019 Tail index estimation: Quantile-driven threshold selectionDaníelsson, Jón; Ergun, Lerby M.; de Haan, Laurens; de Vries, Casper G.
2019 Explaining the interplay between merchant acceptance and consumer adoption in two-sided markets for payment methodsHuynh, Kim P.; Nicholls, Gradon; Shcherbakov, Oleksandr
2019 Exchange rates, retailers, and importing: Theory and firm-level evidenceAlexander, Patrick; Chernoff, Alex
2019 No double standards: Quantifying the impact of standard harmonization on tradeSchmidt, Julia; Steingress, Walter
2019 The BoC-BoE sovereign default database: What's new in 2019?Beers, David; de Leon-Manlagnit, Patrisha
2019 The economics of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and beyondChiu, Jonathan; Koeppl, Thorsten V.
2019 Interconnected banks and systemically important exposuresRoncoroni, Alan; Battiston, Stefano; D'Errico, Marco; Halaj, Grzegorz; Kok, Christoffer
2019 Trade flows and exchange rates: Importers, exporters and productsDevereux, Michael B.; Dong, Wei; Tomlin, Ben
2019 Bank runs, portfolio choice, and liquidity provisionAhnert, Toni; Elamin, Mahmoud
2019 What does structural analysis of the external finance premium say about financial frictions?Zivanovic, Jelena
2019 A macroprudential theory of foreign reserve accumulationArce, Fernando; Bengui, Julien; Bianchi, Javier
2019 Financial frictions, durable goods and monetary policyEmenogu, Ugochi T.; Michelis, Leo
2019 Amazon effects in Canadian online retail firm-product-level dataChernoff, Alex W.
2019 Monetary policy and government debt dynamics without commitmentMatveev, Dmitry
2019 What do survey data tell us about US businesses?Bhandari, Anmol; Birinci, Serdar; McGrattan, Ellen R.; See, Kurt
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 653