Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Distributional effects of payment card pricing and merchant cost pass-through in Canada and the United StatesFelt, Marie-Hélène; Hayashi, Fumiko; Stavins, Joanna; Welte, Angelika
2021 Market concentration and uniform pricing: Evidence from bank mergersGranja, João; Paixão, Nuno
2021 Eggs in one basket: Security and convenience of digital currenciesKahn, Charles M.; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Wong, Tsz-Nga
2021 A generalized endogenous grid method for default risk modelsJang, Youngsoo; Lee, Soyoung
2021 Estimating policy functions in payments systems using reinforcement learningCastro, Pablo S.; Ajit, Desai; Du, Han; Garratt, Rod; Rivadeneyra, Francisco
2021 Monetary policy pass-through with central bank digital currencyJiang, Janet Hua; Zhu, Yu
2021 Debt relief programs and money left on the table: Evidence from Canada's response to COVID-19Allen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Li, Shaoteng; Vincent, Nicolas
2021 The geography of pandemic containmentGiannone, Elisa; Paixão, Nuno; Pang, Xinle
2021 Consumer cash withdrawal behaviour: Branch networks and online financial innovationChen, Heng; Strathearn, Matthew; Voia, Marcel-Christian
2021 Monetary policy, trends in real interest rates and depressed demandBeaudry, Paul; Meh, Césaire Assah
2021 Imperfect banking competition and macroeconomic volatility: A DSGE frameworkLi, Jiaqi
2021 Trade and market power in product and labor marketsMacKenzie, Gaelan
2021 Examining the impact of home purchase restrictions on China's housing marketLu, Zhentong; Zhang, Sisi; Hong, Jian
2021 How long is forever in the laboratory? Three implementations of an infinite-horizon monetary economyJiang, Janet Hua; Puzzello, Daniela; Zhang, Cathy
2021 Payments on digital platforms: Resiliency, interoperability and welfareChiu, Jonathan; Wong, Tsz-Nga
2021 Secular economic changes and bond yieldsFeunou, Bruno; Fontaine, Jean-Sébastien
2021 Labor demand response to labor supply incentives: Lessons from the German Mini-Job ReformGalassi, Gabriela
2021 Bank runs, bank competition and opacityAhnert, Toni; Martinez-Miera, David
2021 An optimal macroprudential policy mix for segmented credit marketsZivanovic, Jelena
2021 A new measure of monetary policy shocksZhang, Xu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 772