Bank of Canada Staff Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Uncovered return parity: Equity returns and currency returnsDjeutem, Edouard; Dunbar, Geoffrey R.
2018 Adverse selection with heterogeneously informed agentsDavoodalhosseini, S. Mohammad R.
2018 The BoC-BoE sovereign default database revisited: What's new in 2018?Beers, David; Mavalwalla, Jamshid
2018 Does outward foreign investment matter for Canadian productivity? Evidence from greenfield investmentsRai, Naveen; Suchanek, Lena; Bernier, Maria
2018 Swedish Riksbank notes and Enskilda bank notes: Lessons for digital currenciesFung, Ben Siu-Cheong; Hendry, Scott; Weber, Warren E.
2018 Ambiguity, nominal bond yields and real bond yieldsZhao, Guihai
2018 On the evolution of the United Kingdom: Price distributionsChu, Ba; Huynh, Kim P.; Jacho-Chávez, David T.; Kryvtsov, Oleksiy
2018 Sources of borrowing and fiscal multipliersPriftis, Romanos; Zimic, Srecko
2018 Noisy monetary policyDahlhaus, Tatjana; Gambetti, Luca
2018 Reconciling Jaimovich-Rebelo preferences, habit in consumption and laborHolden, Tom D.; Levine, Paul; Swarbrick, Jonathan M.
2018 The "too big to fail" subsidy in Canada: Some estimatesMora, Patricia Palhau
2018 Dismiss the gap? A real-time assessment of the usefulness of Canadian output gaps in forecasting inflationPichette, Lise; Robitaille, Marie-Noëlle; Salameh, Mohanad; St-Amant, Pierre
2018 Can media and text analytics provide insights into labour market conditions in China?Bailliu, Jeannine N.; Han, Xinfen; Kruger, Mark; Liu, Yu-Hsien; Thanabalasingam, Sri
2018 Could a higher inflation target enhance macroeconomic stability?Dorich, José; Labelle, Nicholas; Lepetyuk, Vadym; Mendes, Rhys R.
2018 High-frequency trading and institutional trading costsChen, Marie; Garriott, Corey
2018 Housing price network effects from public transit investment: Evidence from VancouverChernoff, Alex W.; Craig, Andrea
2018 Macroprudential FX regulations: Shifting the snowbanks of FX vulnerability?Ahnert, Toni; Forbes, Kristin; Friedrich, Christian; Reinhardt, Dennis
2018 Calibrating the magnitude of the countercyclical capital buffer using market-based stress testsvan Oordt, Maarten R. C.
2018 Limited commitment, endogenous credibility and the challenges of price-level targetingCateau, Gino; Shukayev, Malik
2018 Speed segmentation on exchanges: Competition for slow flowAnderson, Lisa; Andrews, Emad; Devani, Baiju; Mueller, Michael; Walton, Adrian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 621