Working Papers, Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn

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2020 The Diana project: a legacy for research on gender in entrepreneurshipBrush, Candida G.; Greene, Patricia G.; Welter, Friederike
2020 Contexts and gender: Looking back and thinking forwardWelter, Friederike
2020 Moving contexts onto new roads: Clues from other disciplinesWelter, Friederike; Baker, Ted
2019 The effect of migrants' resource endowments on business performanceSchlepphorst, Susanne; Kay, Rosemarie; Nielen, Sebastian
2019 The German Mittelstand: Antithesis to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship model?Pahnke, André; Welter, Friederike
2019 Emotions and entrepreneurship education: State of the art and future research agendaPérez, Víctor Centeno; Kansikas, Juha
2018 Times are a changin'? The emergence of new firms and rank persistenceSchneck, Stefan
2018 The impact of firm performance on the business transfer modeKay, Rosemarie; Pahnke, André; Schlepphorst, Susanne
2018 Brain-driven entrepreneurship research: Expanded review and research agenda towards entrepreneurial enhancementPérez-Centeno, Victor
2018 A research note on entrepreneurs' financial commitment and crowdfunding successLöher, Jonas; Schneck, Stefan; Werner, Arndt
2018 SMEs' responses to potentially disruptive innovations: Does strategic entrepreneurship provide an explanation?Kay, Rosemarie; Nielen, Sebastian; Schröder, Christian
2018 The effect of self-employment on income inequalitySchneck, Stefan
2017 Business takeovers and firm growth: Empirical evidence from a German panelHabermann, Harald
2017 "It takes three to tango": Brain, cognition and entrepreneurial enhancementPérez-Centeno, Víctor
2017 Mind the gap: Institutional and individual antecedents of entrepreneurial trajectories in the academic contextBijedić, Teita; Chlosta, Simone; Nielen, Sebastian; Werner, Arndt
2016 Inventions and their commercial exploitation in academic institutions: Analysing determinants among academicsBijedić, Teita; Chlosta, Simone; Werner, Arndt
2016 Determinants of hidden champions: Evidence from GermanySchlepphorst, Susanne; Schlömer-Laufen, Nadine; Holz, Michael
2016 Digitalisierung im deutschen Funkfachhandel: Empfehlungen zu den Möglichkeiten eines Change Management auf der Grundlage einer aktuellen empirischen AnalyseHäder, Dieter; Zerres, Christopher
2016 Gender diversity in top-management positions in large family and nonfamily businessesKay, Rosemarie; Schlömer-Laufen, Nadine
2016 Ökonomische Wirkungen der Handwerksnovelle 2004: Ergebnisse aus einem quasinatürlichen ExperimentKoch, Andreas; Nielen, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55
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