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2007 Arbeits- und Kapitalmarktstruktur als Determinanten von Frühphasen-WagniskapitalinvestitionenEngelhardt, Lutz
2007 Der Entry Standard der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse als Nachfolger des Neuen Marktes: Zwei Versuche institutioneller Innovation in DeutschlandEngelhardt, Lutz
2007 Economic interests and the origins of electoral systemsCusack, Thomas R.; Iversen, Torben; Soskice, David
2006 Sinking budgets and ballooning prices: Recent developments connected to military spendingCusack, Thomas R.
2005 Citizen support for the Welfare State: Determinants of preferences for income redistributionRehm, Philipp
2005 Complementarity and institutional change: How useful a concept?Deeg, Richard
2005 Geschäftsmodelle und nationale Institutionen: Ein Vergleich britischer und deutscher Neuemissionen aus der IT-Service- und Softwareindustrie 1996-2002Engelhardt, Lutz
2005 National institutions and high tech industries: A varieties of capitalism perspective on the failure of Germany's Neuer MarktVitols, Sigurt; Engelhardt, Lutz
2005 Risks at work: the demand and supply sides of government redistributionCusack, Thomas R.; Iversen, Torben; Rehm, Philipp
2004 Modeling international diffusion: Inferential benefits and methodological challenges, with an application to international tax competitionFranzese, Robert J.; Hays, Jude C.
2004 Entrepreneurial business models in the German software industry: Companies, venture capital, and stock market based growth strategies on the Neuer MarktEngelhardt, Lutz
2004 Diverse disparities: The politics and economics of wage, market and disposable income inequalitiesBeramendi, Pablo; Cusack, Thomas R.
2004 Changes in Germany's bank-based financial system: A varieties of capitalism perspectiveVitols, Sigurt
2004 External effects of currency unionsPlümper, Thomas; Troeger, Vera E.
2003 Taxing work: Some political and economic aspects of labor income taxationCusack, Thomas R.; Beramendi, Pablo
2003 Negotiated shareholder value: The German version of an Anglo-American practiceVitols, Sigurt
2003 Political institutions and income inequality: The case of decentralizationBeramendi, Pablo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17
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