Discussion Papers, Abteilung Marktprozesse und Steuerung, WZB

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Inefficient redistribution and inefficient redistributive politicsKovenock, Dan; Roberson, Brian
2008 Non-binding minimum taxes may foster tax competitionKonrad, Kai A.
2008 Love and taxes - and matching institutionsKonrad, Kai A.; Lommerud, Kjell Erik
2008 Competition for FDI with vintage investment and agglomeration advantagesKonrad, Kai A.; Kovenock, Dan
2008 The future of fiscal federalismTanzi, Vito
2008 Measuring local government technical (in)efficiency: An application and comparison of FDH, DEA and econometric approachesGeys, Benny; Moesen, Wim
2007 The impact of central places on spatial spending patterns: evidence from Flemish local government cultural expendituresWerck, Kristien; Heyndels, Bruno; Geys, Benny
2007 Political fragmentation and projected tax revenues: evidence from Flemish municipalitiesGoeminne, Stijn; Geys, Benny; Smolders, Carine
2007 The political economy of the German Länder deficitsJochimsen, Beate; Nuscheler, Robert
2007 Measuring the bridging nature of voluntary organizations: a note on the importance of association sizeCoffé, Hilde; Geys, Benny
2007 Taxation and presidential approval: separate effects from tax burden and tax structure turbulenceGeys, Benny; Vermeir, Jan
2007 Strategy in contests: an introductionKonrad, Kai A.
2007 How to make head or tail of bridging and bonding? Adressing the methodological ambiguityGeys, Benny
2006 Looking across borders: a test of spatial policy interdependence using local government efficiency ratingsGeys, Benny
2006 Towards an empirical characterization of bridging and bonding social capitalCoffé, Hilde; Geys, Benny
2006 Pork-barrel politics, discriminatory policies and fiscal federalismRoberson, Brian
2006 Can deunionization lead to international outsourcing?Lommerud, Kjell Erik; Meland, Frode; Straume, Odd Rune
2006 Contests with investmentMünster, Johannes
2006 Cross border mergers and strategic trade policy with two-part taxation: is international policy coordination beneficial?Lommerud, Kjell Erik; Olsen, Trond E.; Straume, Odd Rune
2006 Tax progression under collective wage bargaining and individual effort determinationKoskela, Erkki; Schöb, Ronnie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 95
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