School of Economics Discussion Papers, University of Kent

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Early marriage, social networks and the transmission of normsAsadullah, Niaz; Wahhaj, Zaki
2016 Intra-household resource allocation and familial tiesKazianga, Harounan; Wahhaj, Zaki
2015 Regularized LIML for many instrumentsCarrasco, Marine; Tchuente, Guy
2015 Public good provision in Indian rural areas: The returns to collective action by microfinance groups'Casini, Paolo; Vandewalle, Lore; Wahhaj, Zaki
2015 Efficiency in a forced contribution threshold public good gameCartwright, Edward; Stepanova, Anna
2015 High school human capital portfolio and college outcomesTchuente, Guy
2015 Act now: The effects of the 2008 Spanish disability reformHill, Matthew J.; Silva, Jose; Vall, Judit
2015 Repaying microcredit loans: A natural experiment on liability structureMahmud, Mahreen
2015 A theory of child marriageWahhaj, Zaki
2015 Fundamental shock selection in DSGE modelsFerroni, Filippo; Grassi, Stefano; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2015 Trend dominance in macroeconomic fluctuationsShibayama, Katsuyuki
2015 German wage moderation and European imbalances: Feeding the Global VAR with theorBettendorf, Timo; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2015 Endogenous divorce and human capital productionGosling, Amanda; García-Alonso, María D. C.
2015 Fiscal multipliers in a two-sector search and matching modelAngelopoulos, Konstantinos; Jiang, Wei; Malley, James
2015 Microcredit with voluntary contributions and zero interest rate: Evidence from PakistanMahmud, Mahreen
2015 Agglomeration economies and productivity growth: US cities, 1880-1930Klein, Alexander; Crafts, Nicholas F. R.
2015 Efficient estimation with many weak instruments using regularization techniquesCarrasco, Marine; Tchuente, Guy
2015 A fast algorithm for finding the confidence set of large collections of modelsBarde, Sylvain
2015 Direct calibration and comparison of agent-based herding models of financial marketsBarde, Sylvain
2015 Military aid, direct intervention and counterterrorismGarcía-Alonso, María D. C.; Levine, Paul; Smith, Ron
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287