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2017 Financial frictions and regime switching: The role of collateral asset in emerging stock marketAwijen, Haithem; Hammami, Sami
2017 Sources of economic growth in MENA countries: A Harrod-neutral technological progress identification frameworkSenay, Acikgöz; Ali, Mohamed Sami Ben; Mert, Merter
2017 Foreign capital inflow and its welfare implications in a developing country contextMukherjee, Rudrarup
2017 The impact of the Basel III liquidity coverage ratio on macroeconomic stability: An agent-based approachLi, Boyao
2017 Are linear models really unuseful to describe business cycle data?Lopes, Artur Silva; Zsurkis, Gabriel Florin
2017 Gains from trade due to within-firm productivity: Does services exporting matter?Dincer, N. Nergiz; Tekin-Koru, Ayca
2017 Reexamining the Schmalensee effectKim, Jeong-Yoo
2017 Checking Gollier and Weitzman's solution of the "Weitzman-Gollier puzzle"Szekeres, Szabolcs
2017 Exchange rate implications of Border Tax Adjustment neutralityBuiter, Willem H.
2017 When unionisation is profitable for firms in network industriesFanti, Luciano; Buccella, Domenico
2017 Does rising income inequality affect mortality rates in advanced economies?Rebeira, Mayvis; Grootendorst, Paul V.; Coyte, Peter C.; Aguirregabiria, Victor
2016 Nudging as a new "soft" policy tool: An assessment of the definitional scope of nudges, practical implementation possibilities and their effectivenessMichalek, Gabriela; Meran, Georg; Schwarze, Reimund; Yildiz, Özgür
2016 IPR protection and optimal entry modes of multinationalsBanerjee, Tanmoyee; Biswas, Nilanjana
2016 Energy consumption and the size of the informal economyBasbay, Mustafa Metin; Elgin, Ceyhun; Torul, Orhan
2016 Passive unilateral cross-ownership and strategic trade policyFanti, Luciano; Buccella, Domenico
2016 What drives long-term oil market volatility? Fundamentals versus SpeculationYin, Libo; Zhou, Yimin
2016 A historical analysis of the US stock price index using empirical mode decomposition over 1791-2015Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Dar, Arif Billah; Bhanja, Niyati; Gupta, Rangan
2016 Effects of Oscar awards on movie productionAgnani, Betty; Aray, Henry
2016 Measuring the instability of China's financial system: Indices construction and an early warning systemSun, Lixin; Huang, Yuqin
2016 Minimum wage and employment: Escaping the parametric straitjacketCabras, Stefano; Fidrmuc, Jan; de Dios Tena Horrillo, Juan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 536
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