IFS Working Papers, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 New joints: Private providers and rising demand in the English national health serviceKelly, Elaine; Stoye, George
2016 Technology entry in the presence of patent thicketsHall, Bronwyn H.; Helmers, Christian; von Graevenitz, Georg
2016 Scotland's fiscal framework: Assessing the agreementBell, David N. F.; Eiser, David; Phillips, David
2016 Education policy and intergenerational transfers in equilibriumAbbott, Brant; Gallipoli, Giovanni; Meghir, Costas; Violante, Giovanni L.
2016 Taxing high-income earners: Tax avoidance and mobilityEsteller, Alejandro; Piolatto, Amedeo; Rablen, Matthew D.
2016 Selling daughters: Age of marriage, income shocks and the bride price traditionCorno, Lucia; Voena, Alessandra
2016 The marriage market, labour supply and education choiceChiappori, Pierre-Andre; Dias, Monica Costa; Meghir, Costas
2016 Female labour supply, human capital and welfare reformBlundell, Richard W.; Dias, Mónica Costa; Meghir, Costas; Shaw, Jonathan
2016 Consumption during the Great Recession in ItalyCelidoni, Martina; De Nadai, Michele; Weber, Guglielmo
2016 Housing equity, saving and debt dynamics over the Great RecessionElming, William; Ermler, Andreas
2016 Free childcare and parents' labour supply: Is more better?Brewer, Mike; Cattan, Sarah; Crawford, Claire; Rabe, Birgitta
2015 A tax micro-simulator for Mexico (MEXTAX) and its application to the 2010 tax reformsAbramovsky, Laura; Phillips, David
2015 Global engagement in R&D: A portrait of biopharmaceutical patenting firmsAbramovsky, Laura
2015 Comparing sample survey measures of English earnings of graduates with administrative data during the Great RecessionBritton, Jack; Shephard, Neil; Vignoles, Anna
2015 Shopping around: How households adjusted food spending over the Great RecessionGriffith, Rachel; O'Connell, Martin; Smith, Kate
2015 Wage regulation and the quality of police officer recruitsCrawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard
2015 Public hospital spending in England: Evidence from National Health Service administrative recordsKelly, Elaine; Stoye, George; Vera-Hernández, Marcos
2015 Melting pot or salad bowl: The formation of heterogeneous communitiesAdvani, Arun; Reich, Bryony
2015 New joints: Private providers and rising demand in the English National Health ServiceKelly, Elaine; Stoye, George
2015 Mutually consistent revealed preference boundsAdams, Abi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 463