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2017 Design of optimal corrective taxes in the alcohol marketGriffith, Rachel; O'Connell, Martin; Smith, Kate
2017 Estimating the production function for human capital: Results from a randomized controlled trial in ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio P.; Cattan, Sarah; Fitzsimons, Emla; Meghir, Costas; Rubio-Codina, Marta
2017 Who receives Medicaid in old age? Rules and realityBorella, Margherita; De Nardi, Mariacristina; French, Eric
2017 Optimal taxation in occupational choice models: An application to the work decisions of couplesLaroque, Guy; Pavoni, Nicola
2017 Is infation default? The role of information in debt crisesBassetto, Marco; Galli, Carlo
2017 Discretizing unobserved heterogeneityBonhomme, Stéphane; Lamadon, Thibaut; Manresa, Elena
2017 Two decades of income inequality in Britain: The role of wages, household earnings and redistributionBelfield, Chris; Blundell, Richard; Cribb, Jonathan; Hood, Andrew; Joyce, Robert
2016 Technology entry in the presence of patent thicketsHall, Bronwyn H.; Helmers, Christian; von Graevenitz, Georg
2016 Taxing high-income earners: Tax avoidance and mobilityEsteller, Alejandro; Piolatto, Amedeo; Rablen, Matthew D.
2016 Female labour supply, human capital and welfare reformBlundell, Richard W.; Dias, Mónica Costa; Meghir, Costas; Shaw, Jonathan
2016 Scotland's fiscal framework: Assessing the agreementBell, David N. F.; Eiser, David; Phillips, David
2016 The marriage market, labour supply and education choiceChiappori, Pierre-Andre; Dias, Monica Costa; Meghir, Costas
2016 Free childcare and parents' labour supply: Is more better?Brewer, Mike; Cattan, Sarah; Crawford, Claire; Rabe, Birgitta
2016 What happens when employers are obliged to nudge? Automatic enrolment and pension saving in the UKCribb, Jonathan; Emmerson, Carl
2016 Explaining low employment rates among older women in urban ChinaJin, Wenchao
2016 The right to buy public housing in Britain: A welfare analysisDisney, Richard; Luo, Guannan
2016 Choice in the presence of experts: The role of general practitioners in patients' hospital choiceBeckert, Walter; Collyer, Kate
2016 Mobility and the lifetime distributional impact of tax and transfer reformsLevell, Peter; Roantree, Barra; Shaw, Jonathan
2016 Spillovers of community-based health interventions on consumption smoothingFitzsimons, Emla; Malde, Bansi; Vera-Hernández, Marcos
2016 "Randomisation bias" in the medical literature: A reviewSianesi, Barbara
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 463