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2019 Interaction, stereotypes and performance: Evidence from South AfricaCorno, Lucia; La Ferrara, Eliana; Burns, Justine
2019 Econometrics of valuing income contingent student loans using administrative data: Groups of English studentsBritton, Jack; Shephard, Neil G.; van der Erve, Laura
2019 Labelled loans, credit constraints and sanitation investmentsAugsburg, Britta; Caeyers, Bet; Giunti, Sara; Malde, Bansi; Smets, Susanna
2019 The effect of automatic enrolment on employees working for small employersCribb, Jonathan; Emmerson, Carl
2019 Preferences and beliefs in the marriage market for young bridesAdams, Abi; Andrew, Alison
2019 Can micro-credit support public health subsidy programs?Augsburg, Britta; Caeyers, Bet; Malde, Bansi
2019 Wages, experience and training of women over the lifecycleBlundell, Richard W.; Costa Dias, Monica; Goll, David; Meghir, Costas
2019 Survival pessimism and the demand for annuitiesO'Dea, Cormac; Sturrock, David
2019 Cluster randomised trial of the effects of timing and duration of early childhood interventions in Odisha - India: Study protocolAttanasio, Orazio P.; Augsburg, Britta; Behrman, Jere R.; Grantham-McGregor, Sally; Jervis, Pamela; Meghir, Costas; Phimister, Angus; Rubio-Codina, Marta
2019 Does information break the political resource curse? Experimental evidence from MozambiqueArmand, Alex; Coutts, Alexander; Vicente, Pedro C.; Vilela, Inês
2018 Family, firms and the gender wage gap in FranceCoudin, Elise; Maillard, Sophie; Tô, Maxime
2018 Estimating the production function for human capital: Results from a randomized controlled trial in ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio P.; Cattan, Sarah; Fitzsimmons, Emla; Meghir, Costas; Rubio-Codina, Marta
2018 Insurance in extended family networksAttanasio, Orazio P.; Meghir, Costas; Mommaerts, Corina
2018 The dynamics of domestic violence: Learning about the matchAnderberg, Dan; Mantovan, Noemi; Sauer, Robert M.
2018 Policy discontinuity and duration outcomesvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Bozio, Antoine; Costa Dias, Monica
2018 Redistribution via VAT and cash transfers: An assessment in four low and middle income countriesHarris, Tom; Phillips, David; Warwick, Ross; Goldman, Maya; Jellema, Jon; Goraus-Tanska, Karolina; Inchauste, Gabriela
2018 The determinants of local police spendingCrawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard; Simpson, Polly
2018 A lattice test for additive separabilityPolisson, Matthew
2018 The impact of cuts to social care spending on the use of accident and emergency departments in EnglandCrawford, Rowena; Stoye, George; Zaranko, Ben
2018 Production efficiency and profit taxationGauthier, Stéphane; Laroque, Guy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 525