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Falch, Morten
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21st European Regional ITS Conference, Copenhagen 2010
The aim of this paper is to analyze the potential of the Copenhagen capital region to maintain a leading position in development and provision of mobile technologies. The paper presents empirical data on the mobile sector in the capital region in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the Capital Region of Copenhagen. Denmark is as the rest of Scandinavia considered to be among the leading countries with regard to mobile and wireless communication. This position has been confirmed in a long series of benchmarking analyses comparing e-readiness in countries and regions. Denmark is also doing well with regard to connectivity of broadband and Internet access, and Denmark has also developed an advanced market for mobile services. The major share of the Danish mobile sector is concentrated in the capital region. In relative terms the mobile sector is largest in Northern Jutland, but in absolute terms the capital region is more important - especially if Scania on the Swedish site of Oresund is included. In this case the capital region of Copenhagen constitutes of the most important centres for mobile communication.
Mobile and wireless communication
Mobile industry
Copehagen capital region
National systems of innovations
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Conference Paper

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