21st European Regional ITS Conference, Copenhagen 2010

This collection contains the conference papers from the

21st European Regional ITS Conference
Copenhagen, 13-15 September 2010

"Telecommunications at new crossroads: Changing value configurations, user roles, and regulation"

During the past decades, telecommunications and IT have gone through fundamental changes technologically, economically and politically resulting in new challenges and crossroads. Convergence between telecommunications, IT and the media has reached a stage where entirely new value configurations are taking shape. The role of users is also changing with the widespread growth of social networks and other user centred applications. These developments raise new policy and regulatory issues, such as the governance of content and services. Regulatory questions reappear in new forms in the infrastructure area with the development of next generation networks. Furthermore, ICTs are increasingly applied in relation to energy saving, health and environmental issues creating new business potentials as well as new regulator/policy challenges.

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 The transformation of household expenditure from offline to online: The case of South KoreaLee, Dong Hee; Lee, Duk Hee
2010 Measuring Network Effects in Mobile Telecommunications Markets with Stated‐Preference Valuation MethodsCzajkowski, Mikolaj; Sobolewski, Maciej
2010 Assessment of First Comer Advantages and Network Effects; the Case of Turkish GSM MarketTözer, Ayhan
2010 Modelling the impact of Next Generation Access (NGA) on voice termination costJay, Stephan; Plueckebaum, Thomas; Ilic, Dragan
2010 Modernizing National Numbering Plan on NGN Platform - Hungarian Case StudySallai, G.; Abos, I.; Adamis, G; Sziráki, P.; Tamási, E.
2010 HDTV and DRM: A Need of Further Regulation?Erber, Georg; Heitzler, Sven
2010 Information Technology and Russia's Social ModernizationPetukhova, Svetlana; Strepetova, Margarita
2010 Copenhagen as a centre of excellence for mobile and Wireless communication - the interplay between supply and demandFalch, Morten
2010 Cloud Computing: New Business Opportunities for Telecommunications Companies?Koehler, Philip; Kraemer, Jan; Anandasivam, Arun
2010 Fixed to VoIP Interconnection: Regulation with Asymmetric Termination CostsStühmeier, Torben
2010 The Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband Battle in Swedish market: Exploring complementary or substitutionSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2010 Next Generation Access and Digital Divide: Opposite Sides of the Same Coin?Dolente, Cosimo; Galea, John Joseph; Leporelli, Claudio
2010 Network Neutrality and the Evolution of the InternetKnieps, Günter
2010 Business models for deployment and operation of femtocell networks; - Are new cooperation strategies needed for mobile operators?Markendahl, Jan; Nilson, Mats
2010 Improving consumer mobility in the mobile voice services market: a comprehensive set of remediesAmante, Ana; Vareda, João
2010 Challenging content exclusivity in network industries: the case of digital broadcastingEvens, Tom
2010 Competition between fixed and mobile broadband access based on mobility and data volumeLiang, Julienne
2010 Analysis of QoS Platform Cooperation StrategiesWulf, Jochen; Limbach, Felix; Zarnekow, Rüdiger
2010 Coexistence of service- and facility-based competition: The relevance of access prices for "make-or-buy"-decisionsBender, Christian M.; Götz, Georg
2010 Revenue requirements for mobile operators with ultra-high mobile broadband data traffic growth.Werding, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45
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