Working Papers, Center for Mathematical Economics (IMW), Bielefeld University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 A unifying framework for submodular mean field gamesDianetti, Jodi; Ferrari, Giorgio; Fischer, Markus; Nendel, Max
2021 Wasserstein perturbations of Markovian transition semigroupsFuhrmann, Sven; Kupper, Michael; Nendel, Max
2021 Two-sided singular control of an inventory with unknown demand trendFederico, Salvatore; Ferrari, Giorgio; Rodosthenous, Neofytos
2021 Multidimensional singular control and related Skorokhod problem: Sufficient conditions for the characterization of optimal controlsDianetti, Jodi; Ferrari, Giorgio
2021 On an irreversible investment problem with two-factor uncertaintyDammann, Felix; Ferrari, Giorgio
2021 Socio-legal systems and implementation of the Nash solution in Debreu-Hurwicz equilibriumHaake, Claus-Jochen; Trockel, Walter
2021 Optimal surplus-dependent reinsurance under regime-switching in a Brownian risk modelEisenberg, Julia; Fabrykowski, Lukas; Schmeck, Maren Diane
2021 Stationary discounted and ergodic mean field games of singular controlCao, Haoyang; Dianetti, Jodi; Ferrari, Giorgio
2021 From prejudice to racial profiling and back: A naïve intuitive statistician's curseFörster, Manuel; Karos, Dominik
2021 A free and fair economy: A game of justice and inclusionDemeze-Jouatsa, Ghislain-Herman; Pongou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2021 Optimal dividends under Markov-Modulated Bankruptcy LevelFerrari, Giorgio; Schuhmann, Patrick; Zhu, Shihao
2021 Effects of noise on the grammar of languagesBauch, Gerrit
2021 Ambiguous social choice functionsDemeze-Jouatsa, Ghislain-Herman
2021 Network games with heterogeneous playersOrlova, Olena
2021 Language games under Knightian uncertainty about typesXing, Zhaojun
2021 Farsighted rationality in hedonic gamesDemeze-Jouatsa, Ghislain-Herman; Karos, Dominik
2021 Bargaining solutions via surface measuresRosenmüller, Joachim
2021 Inequity aversion and limited foresight in the repeated prisoner's dilemmaBackhaus, Teresa; Breitmoser, Yves
2021 Nonlinear filtering of partially observed systems arising in singular stochastic optimal controlCalvia, Alessandro; Ferrari, Giorgio
2020 Taming the spread of an epidemic by lockdown policiesFederico, Salvatore; Ferrari, Giorgio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 307