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Heberer, Thomas
Taube, Markus
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Duisburg Working Papers on East Asian Studies 45/2002
This working paper brings together assessments of the trilateral relations between China, the EU und the US from the disciplines of political science and economics. The first paper primarily addresses the following three issues: a) China's current development and prospects b) EU-China relations, and c) recommendations in terms of EU policies towards China. The second paper applies a three tier analysis looking first at changes in the Chinese and global economic setting caused by China's WTO accession. It then takes a look at the bilateral economic relations between China and the EU and US respectively. Finally the scored goals and competing interests of the USA and the EU vis-à-vis China are analysed.
EU-US-China relations
China's domestic development
EU policies
China's external economic relations
China's WTO accession
structural change
World economy
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Working Paper

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