Working Papers on East Asian Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies IN-EAST, Universität Duisburg-Essen

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2021 Growth, development, and structural change at the firm level: The example of the PR ChinaHeinrich, Torsten; Yang, Jangho; Dai, Shuanping
2021 Provider payment reform for Chinese hospitals: Policy transfer and internal diffusion of international modelsMüller, Armin; Ten Brink, Tobias
2021 Decrypting China's self-image as "great power"Noesselt, Nele; Eckstein, Tanja; Priupolina, Elizaveta
2020 Government policies for start-ups in Korea and its regions: Motives, mechanisms and major obstaclesSchüler, Diana; Suhalitca, Mihaela; Pascha, Werner; Oh, Keun-yeob
2020 Silk subway: Japan's strategy for an age of international connectivity activismPascha, Werner
2019 The belt and road initiative as a hybrid international public goodÖztürk, İbrahim
2019 Decoding the Chinese puzzle: Rapid economic growth and social development despite a high level of corruptionHeberer, Thomas
2018 The belt and road initiative: A hybrid model of regionalismGrimmel, Andreas; Li, Yuan
2018 How to change the game of security cooperation: The case of the ASEAN-China strategic partnershipMisalucha-Willoughby, Charmaine
2018 Informal social ties and relationship orientation in Korean business exchanges: A content analysis of ten inter-organizational research collaborationsHemmert, Martin; Kim, Jae-Jin
2017 Does social inducement lead to higher open innovation investment? An experimental studyDai, Shuanping; Yang, Guanzhong
2017 Building transnational labor markets: The case of TaiwanWang, Chih-Chieh
2017 China's idiosyncratic economics: An emerging unknown monism driven by pluralismDai, Shuanping
2017 Discoordination and miscoordination caused by sunspots in the laboratorySiebert, Jan; Yang, Guanzhong
2017 The impact of incentives on prosocial behavior: An experimental investigation with German and Chinese subjectsYang, Guanzhong
2017 The digital turn in political representation in ChinaHeberer, Thomas; Shpakovskaya, Anna
2017 From "state control" to "business lobbying": The institutional origin of private entrepreneurs' policy influence in ChinaHuang, Dongya; Chen, Minglu; Heberer, Thomas
2017 Demystifying the belt and road initiative: Scope, actors and repercussion for EuropeEsteban, Mario; Li, Yuan
2017 The "Construction" of Chinese culture in a globalized world and its importance for Beijing's smart power: Notes and concepts on a narrative shiftCappelletti, Alessandra
2017 Cooperation of vocational colleges and enterprises in China: Institutional foundations of vocational education and skill formation in nursing and mechanical engineering - Preliminary findingsMüller, Armin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 128
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