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Dette, Holger
Titoff, Stefanie
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Technical Report // Sonderforschungsbereich 475, Komplexitätsreduktion in Multivariaten Datenstrukturen, Universität Dortmund 2008,06
We consider the problem of constructing optimal designs for model discrimination between competing regression models. Various new properties of optimal designs with respect to the popular T-optimality criterion are derived, which in many circumstances allow an explicit determination of T-optimal designs. It is also demonstrated, that in nested linear models the number of support points of T-optimal designs is usually too small to estimate all parameters in the extended model. In many cases T-optimal designs are usually not unique, and we give a characterization of all T-optimal designs. Finally, T-optimal designs are compared with optimal discriminating designs with respect to alternative criteria by means of a small simulation study.
Model discrimination
optimal design
nonlinear approximation
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Working Paper

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