Violette Reihe: Schriftenreihe des Promotionsschwerpunkts "Globalisierung und Beschäftigung", Universität Hohenheim, Universität Oldenburg, Evangelisches Studienwerk

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 The geography and co-location of European technology-specific co-inventorship networksChrist, Julian P.
2009 Die neue neue Außenhandelstheorie: das Melitz-ModellHofmann, Patricia
2009 Why Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD is not VHS vs. Betamax: The co-evolution of standard-setting consortiaChrist, Julian P.; Slowak, André P.
2009 The impact of institutions, culture, and religion on per capita incomeDobler, Constanze
2009 Standard-setting and knowledge dynamics in innovation clustersChrist, Julian P.; Slowak, André P.
2008 Tourism as a driver of economic development: The Colombian experienceBenković, Andreja; Mejía, Juan Felipe
2007 Varieties of systems of innovation: A survey of their evolution in growth theory and economic geographyChrist, Julian P.
2007 Arbeitslosigkeit und Lohnspreizung - Empirische Befunde zur Arbeitsmarktsituation gering Qualifizierter in DeutschlandRukwid, Ralf
2006 Service offshoring: A challenge for employment? Evidence from GermanySchöller, Deborah
2004 Spatial decisions of multinational enterprises and their effect on local firmsEhnts, Dirk H.
2004 Makroökonomische Probleme des extensiven Rohstoffexports in einer entwickelten Volkswirtschaft - analysiert am Beispiel der norwegischen ErdölwirtschaftSchewe, Theo
2004 Offshore outsourcing - A global shift in the present IT industryErber, Georg; Sayed-Ahmed, Aida
2002 Stabilization via currency boardMaute, Jutta
2002 The Fed-Strategy: Successful but out-of-date?Hartmann, Daniel
2001 Law and economics of Microsoft vs. U.S. Department of Justice - New paradigm for antitrust in network markets or inefficient lock-in of antitrust policy?Radke, Marc-Peter
2001 Taylor-Regel und amerikanische GeldpolitikHartmann, Daniel
2000 Some Cambridge reactions to The General Theory: David Champernowne and Joan Robinson on full employmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2000 Implikationen der Technologiediffusion für technologische ArbeitslosigkeitHolwegler, Bernhard
2000 Theoretische Grundlagen einer Verhaltensabstimmung der makroökonomischen PolitikträgerHeise, Arne
2000 Monetary interest rates, income shares, and investment: Theory and empirical evidence for France, Germany, the UK, and the USAHein, Eckhard; Ochsen, Carsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 51
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