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2018 Are cryptocurrencies connected to forex? A quantile cross-spectral approachBaumohl, Eduard
2018 Patent Protection and Threat of Litigation in OligopolyCapuano, Carlo; Grassi, Iacopo
2018 Optimal fiscal policy with environmental tax and abatement spending in a model with pollution and utility-enhancing environmental quality: the case of BulgariaVasilev, Aleksandar
2018 Social aspirations in European banks: peer-influenced risk behaviorLyócsa, Štefan; Výrost, Tomáš; Baumöhl, Eduard
2018 Electrophysiological Precursor of Information Cascade: Evidence from N200Li, Jianbiao; Niu, Xiaofei; Zhu, Chengkang; Wang, Guangrong; Cao, Qian; Li, Shuaiqi; Liu, Xiaoli; Wang, Pengcheng
2018 Comparing Central Europe and the Baltic macro-economies: A Bayesian approachBeqiraj, Elton; Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Di Pietro, Marco; Serpieri, Carolina
2018 Estimating the Effective Lower Bound for the Czech National Bank's Policy RateKolcunova, Dominika; Havranek, Tomas
2018 Progressive taxation and (in)stability in an exogenous growth model with non-market ("home") productionVasilev, Aleksandar
2018 Here Lives a Wealthy Man: Price Rigidity and Predictability in Luxury Housing MarketsLevy, Daniel; Snir, Avichai
2018 The role of energy in a real-business-cycle model with an endogenous capital utilization rate and a government sector: the case of Bulgaria (1999-2016)Vasilev, Aleksandar
2018 Britain & Africa: heading for the Brexit rocksKohnert, Dirk
2018 Do Alimony Regulations Matter inside Marriage? Evidence from the 2008 Reform of the German Maintenance LawSchaubert, Marianna
2018 Theory and Practice of Testing for a Single Structural Break in StataMajune, Socrates Kraido
2018 Monetary System of Georgia in XI-XII centuries and its Effect on Economic ActivityAbuselidze, George
2018 Credit Risk, Excess Reserves and Monetary Policy: The Deposits ChannelBratsiotis, George
2018 A business-cycle model with a modified cash-in-advance feature, government sector and one-period nominal wage contracts: the case of BulgariaVasilev, Aleksandar
2018 'Economics' of prosperity: Why the dominant perspectives may be unhelpful to make sense of underdevelopmentGupta, Avinash
2018 Insights into the Impact of Bankruptcy's Public Record on Entrepreneurial Activity: Evidence from Economic ExperimentsDulleck, Uwe; Howell, Nicola J.; Koessler, Ann-Kathrin; Mason, Rosalind F.
2018 An investigation into the dependence structure of major cryptocurrenciesSaha, Kunal
2018 The Potential Output Gains from Using Optimal Teacher Incentives: An Illustrative Calibration of a Hidden Action ModelMehta, Nirav
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 511
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