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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004Assimilation via Prices or Quantities? : Labor Market Institutions and Immigrant Earnings Growth in Australia, Canada and the United StatesAntecol, Heather; Kuhn, Peter; Trejo, Stephen J.
2001The Sexual Harassment of Female Active-Duty Personnel: Effects on Job Satisfaction and Intentions to Remain in the MilitaryAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2002Does single parenthood increase the probability of teenage promiscuity, drug use and crime?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2001The Racial Wage Gap: The Importance of Labor Force Attachment Differences Across Black, Mexican and White MenAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
1999The Relative Earnings of Young Mexican, Black, and White WomenAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2001Does Single Parenthood Increase the Probability of Teenage Promiscuity, Drug Use, and Crime? Evidence from Divorce Law ChangesAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Helland, Eric
2003Why is there Cross-Country Variation in Female Labor Force Participation Rates? The Role of Male Attitudes Toward Family and Sex RolesAntecol, Heather
2001Immigration Policy and the Skills of Immigrants to Australia, Canada, and the United StatesAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Trejo, Stephen J.
2004Unhealthy Assimilation : Do Immigrants Converge to American Weights?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2002The decision to work by married immigrant women: the role of extended family householdsAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies