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Fischer, Matthias J.
Köck, Christian
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Diskussionspapiere // Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Lehrstuhl für Statistik und Ökonometrie 80/2007
Recently, Liebscher (2006) introduced a general construction scheme of d-variate copulas which generalizes the Archimedean family. Similarly, Morillas (2005) proposed a method to obtain a variety of new copulas from a given d-copula. Both approaches coincide only for the particular subclass of Archimedean copulas. Within this work we present a unifying framework which includes both Liebscher and Morillas copulas as special cases. Above that, more general copulas may be constructed. First examples are given.
construction of d-variate copulas
Archimedean copulas
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Working Paper

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