Diskussionspapiere "Innovationssysteme und Policy-Analyse", Fraunhofer ISI

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2021 Generating a classification for EUIPO trademark filings: A string matching approachNeuhäusler, Peter; Feidenheimer, Alexander; Frietsch, Rainer; Kroll, Henning
2020 Current R&I policy: The future development of China's R&I systemFrietsch, Rainer
2020 The development of China's R&I system in the past 10 yearsFrietsch, Rainer
2020 Beiträge zur Analyse der Digitalisierung aus InnovationsperspektiveBeckert, Bernd; Erdmann, Lorenz; Feidenheimer, Alexander; Gotsch, Matthias; Kroll, Henning; Röß, Andreas; Schubert, Torben
2020 Understanding conceptual impact of scientific knowledge on policy: The role of policy-making conditionsEdler, Jakob; Karaulova, Maria; Barker, Katharine
2020 Developing a typology for mission-oriented innovation policiesWittmann, Florian; Hufnagl, Miriam; Lindner, Ralf; Roth, Florian; Edler, Jakob
2020 The roles of the state in the governance of socio-technical systems' transformationBorrás, Susana; Edler, Jakob
2020 Transformation des Innovationssystems: Neue Anforderungen an die InnovationspolitikBotthof, Alfons; Edler, Jakob; Hahn, Katrin; Hirsch-Kreinsen, Hartmut; Weber, Karl Matthias; Wessels, Jan
2019 Probabilistic concordance schemes for the re-assignment of patents to economic sectors and scientific publications to technology fieldsNeuhäusler, Peter; Frietsch, Rainer; Kroll, Henning
2019 Regional technological systems in transition: Dynamics of relatedness and techno-economic matches in ChinaKroll, Henning; Neuhäusler, Peter
2018 Effects of automatisation and digitalisation on manufacturing companies' production efficiency and innovation performanceKroll, Henning; Horvat, Djerdj; Jäger, Angela
2018 Die Leistungsfähigkeit des deutschen Innovationssystems: Eine Bilanz der Patentaktivitäten nach zehn Jahren Hightech-StrategieDaimer, Stephanie; Hufnagl, Miriam; Frietsch, Rainer; Lindner, Ralf; Neuhäusler, Peter; Rothengatter, Oliver
2018 From strategy to implementation: What is desirable and what realistic?Kroll, Henning
2017 Governing innovation projects in firms: The role of competition between innovation projects and interdepartmental collaborationIferd, Younes; Schubert, Torben
2017 Innovation output and state ownership: Empirical evidence from China's listed firmsKou, Kou; Kroll, Henning
2016 The dynamic simulation of TIS functions in transitions pathwaysKöhler, Jonathan; Braungardt, Sibylle; Hettesheimer, Tim; Lerch, Christian; Nabitz, Lisa; Sartorius, Christian; Walz, Rainer
2016 Addressing directionality: Orientation failure and the systems of innovation heuristic. Towards reflexive governanceLindner, Ralf; Daimer, Stephanie; Beckert, Bernd; Heyen, Nils; Koehler, Jonathan; Teufel, Benjamin; Warnke, Philine; Wydra, Sven
2016 Towards modelling of innovation systems: An integrated TIS-MLP approach for wind turbinesWalz, Rainer; Köhler, Jonathan Hugh; Lerch, Christian
2016 Measuring policy-driven innovation in energy efficiencyNabitz, Lisa; Plötz, Patrick; Braungardt, Sibylle; Reuter, Matthias
2016 Concentration on the few? R&D and innovation in German firms between 2001 and 2013Rammer, Christian; Schubert, Torben
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69
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