Diskussionspapiere "Innovationssysteme und Policy-Analyse", Fraunhofer ISI

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2013 Patents as indicators for knowledge generation and diffusion in mechanical engineering and green biotechnology: A first assessmentNeuhäusler, Peter; Frietsch, Rainer
2013 Academic knowledge as a driver for technological innovation? Comparing universities, small and large firms in knowledge production and disseminationDornbusch, Friedrich; Neuhäusler, Peter
2013 SME patenting: An empirical analysis in nine countriesFrietsch, Rainer; Neuhäusler, Peter; Rothengatter, Oliver
2013 Growing outflows of technology-driven foreign direct investment from emerging economies and the implications for the international investment regimeDantas, Eva; Meyer, Niclas; Stehnken, Thomas
2012 Cyclical long-term development of complex technologies: Premature expectations in nanotechnology?Schmoch, Ulrich; Thielmann, Axel
2012 Electric mobility in China: A policy reviewTagscherer, Ulrike
2012 Identification of university-based patents: A new large-scale approachDornbusch, Friedrich; Schmoch, Ulrich; Schulze, Nicole; Bethke, Nadine
2011 Patents and the financial performance of firms - An analysis based on stock market dataNeuhäusler, Peter; Frietsch, Rainer; Schubert, Torben; Blind, Knut
2011 The National Innovation System (NIS) and the automobile industry in South KoreaChung, Ji Yoon
2010 A relational database for bibliometric analysisMallig, Nicolai
2010 Indicator-based reporting on the Chinese innovation system 2010: Life sciences in ChinaFrietsch, Rainer; Meng, Yu
2010 Cooperation with public research institutions and success in innovation: Evidence from France and GermanyRobin, Stéphane; Schubert, Torben
2010 Einfluss demografischer Entwicklungen in Betrieben auf deren InnovationsfähigkeitSchat, Hans-Dieter; Jäger, Angela
2010 Indicator-based reporting on the Chinese innovation system 2010: The regional dimension of science and innovation in ChinaKroll, Henning
2010 Innovationspolitik in Brasilien - Kontinuitäten und neue Entwicklungen während der Regierung Lula da SilvaStehnken, Thomas
2009 Chinese regional innovation systems in times of crisis: the case of GuangdongKroll, Henning; Tagscherer, Ulrike
2009 Formal vs. informal protection instruments and the strategic use of patents in an Expected-Utility frameworkNeuhäusler, Peter
2009 France: innovation system and innovation policyMuller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea; Héraud, Jean-Alain
2009 Managing the interface between public sector applied research and technological development in the Chinese enterprise sectorKroll, Henning; Schiller, Daniel
2009 Auswirkungen des demografischen Wandels auf die regionale Politikgestaltung: Beispielhafte Untersuchung an den Regionen Baden-Württemberg und Sachsen-AnhaltBaier, Elisabeth
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 56
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