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2014 Outlier detection in structural time series models: The indicator saturation approachMarczak, Martyna; Proietti, Tommaso
2014 Non-financial hurdles for human capital accumulation: Landownership in Korea under Japanese ruleJun, Bogang; Kim, Tai-Yoo
2014 Varieties of knowledge-based bioeconomiesUrmetzer, Sophie; Pyka, Andreas
2014 Ranking the performance of national innovation systems in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America from a neo-Schumpeterian economics perspectiveParedes-Frigolett, Harold; Pyka, Andreas; Pereira, Javier; Gomes, Luiz Flávio Autran Monteiro
2014 The tradeoff between fertility and education: Evidence from the Korean development pathJun, Bogang; Lee, Joongho
2014 Intelligente (Software-)Agenten: Eine neue Herausforderung für die Gesellschaft und unser Rechtssystem?Kirn, Stefan; Müller-Hengstenberg, Claus D.
2014 The geography of stock exchanges in Imperial GermanyBurhop, Carsten; Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle H.
2014 Maternal employment and childhood obesity in China: Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition SurveyNie, Peng; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2014 Network evolution, success, and regional development in the European aerospace industryGuffarth, Daniel; Barber, Michael J.
2014 Chinese urbanites and the preservation of rare species in remote parts of the country: The example of EaglewoodAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Langenberger, Gerhard; Pelz, Sonna
2014 Job insecurity, employability, and health: An analysis for Germany across generationsOtterbach, Steffen; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2013 Migration and innovation: A surveyRashidi, Sheida; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Turkish-German innovation networks in the European research landscapeProstolupow, Irene; Pyka, Andreas; Heller-Schuh, Barbara
2013 The success factors of technology-sourcing through mergers & acquisitions: An intuitive meta-analysisSchön, Benjamin; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Capital income shares and income inequality in the European UnionSchlenker, Eva; Schmid, Kai D.
2013 Corporate taxation and the quality of research and developmentErnst, Christof; Richter, Katharina; Riedel, Nadine
2013 Monthly US business cycle indicators: A new multivariate approach based on a band-pass filterMarczak, Martyna; Gómez, Victor
2013 Innovation, economic diversification and human developmentHartmann, Dominik; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Real wage cyclicality of newly hired workersStüber, Heiko
2013 Considering household size in Contingent Valuation studiesAhlheim, Michael; Schneider, Friedrich
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 96
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