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Barth, Wolfgang
Manitz, Michael
Stolletz, Raik
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Discussion papers // School of Economics and Management of the Hanover Leibniz University 399
In this paper, we analyze the performance of call centers of financial service providers with two levels of support and a time-dependent overflow mechanism. Waiting calls from the front-office queue flow over to the back office, if a waiting-time limit is reached and at least one back-office agent is available. The analysis of such a system with time-dependent overflow is reduced to the analysis of a continuous-time Markov chain with state-dependent overflow probabilities. To approximate the system with time-dependent overflow, some waiting-based performance measures are modified. Numerical results demonstrate the reliability of this Markovian performance approximation for different parameter settings. A sensitivity analysis shows the impact of the waiting-time limit and the dependence of the performance measures on the arrival rate.
Financial Service Operations
Performance Evaluation
Time-Dependent Overflow
Queueing Models of Call Centers
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Working Paper

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