Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Estimating the cost function of connecticut public K-12 education: Implications for inequity and inadequacy in school spendingZhao, Bo
2020 Wealth distribution and retirement preparation among early saversJacobs, Lindsay; Llanes, Elizabeth; Moore, Kevin; Thompson, Jeffrey P.; Henriques Volz, Alice
2020 Dynamic sales tax competition: Evidence from panel data at the borderGentry, Melissa; Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia; Rohlin, Shawn M.; Thompson, Jeffrey P.
2020 Punishment and crime: The impact of felony conviction on criminal activityJackson, Osborne
2020 The inflation target and the equilibrium real rateCotton, Christopher D.
2020 No longer qualified? Changes in the supply and demand for skills within occupationsBurke, Mary A.; Sasser, Alicia; Sadighi, Shahriar; Sederberg, Rachel B.; Taska, Bledi
2019 State disinvestment in higher education: The impact on public research universities' patent applicationsZhao, Bo
2019 Fiscal multipliers in advanced and developing countries: Evidence from military spendingSheremirov, Viacheslav; Spirovska, Sandra
2019 Estimating the marginal propensity to consume using the distributions of income, consumption and wealthFisher, Jonathan; Johnson, David S.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Thompson, Jeffrey P.
2019 Family characteristics and macroeconomic factors in U.S. intragenerational family income mobility, 1978-2014Bradbury, Katharine L.
2019 The impact of migration on earnings inequalityJackson, Osborne
2019 How magic a bullet is machine learning for credit analysis? An exploration with FinTech lending dataWang, J. Christina; Perkins, Charles B.
2019 Technological innovation in mortgage underwriting and the growth in credit, 1985-2015Foote, Christopher L.; Loewenstein, Lara; Willen, Paul
2019 Trends in household portfolio compositionBricker, Jesse; Moore, Kevin; Thompson, Jeffrey P.
2019 Accounting for racial wealth disparities in the United StatesThompson, Jeffrey P.; Suarez, Gustavo A.
2019 Tariff passthrough at the border and at the store: Evidence from US trade policyCavallo, Alberto; Gopinath, Gita; Neiman, Brent; Tang, Jenny
2019 How does liquidity affect consumer payment choice?Stavins, Joanna
2019 Does getting a mortgage affect credit card use?Fulford, Scott L.; Stavins, Joanna
2019 Measuring household wealth in the panel study of income dynamics: The role of retirement assetsCooper, Daniel; Dynan, Karen E.; Rhodenhiser, Hannah
2019 Consumption, credit, and the missing youngCooper, Daniel; Gorbachev, Olga; Luengo-Prado, Maria José
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 283