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2022 Should the ECB adjust its strategy in the face of a lower r*?Andrade, Philippe; Galí, Jordi; Le Bihan, Hervé; Matheron, Julien
2022 Interest rate surprises: A tale of two shocksNunes, Ricardo; Ozdagli, Ali; Tang, Jenny
2021 Breaking the implicit contract: Using pension freezes to study lifetime labor supplyPatki, Dhiren
2021 Who gets medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder, and does it reduce overdose risk? Evidence from the Rhode Island all-payer claims databaseBurke, Mary A.; Sullivan, Riley; Carman, Katherine Grace; Wen, Hefei; Wharam, J. Frank; Yu, Hao
2021 How to design a state education aid formula that is equitable, adequate, and politically feasible: The case of ConnecticutZhao, Bo
2021 The roles of state aid and local conditions in elementary school test-score gapsBradbury, Katharine L.
2021 How resilient is mortgage credit supply? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemicFuster, Andreas; Hizmo, Aurel; Lambie-Hanson, Lauren; Vickery, James; Willen, Paul
2021 Payments evolution from paper to electronic: Bill payments and purchasesStavins, Joanna
2021 Wealth concentration in the United States using an expanded measure of net worthJacobs, Lindsay; Llanes, Elizabeth; Moore, Kevin; Thompson, Jeffrey P.; Henriques, Alice M.
2021 Bank incentives and the effect of the paycheck protection programJoaquim, Gustavo; Netto, Felipe
2021 The mortgage cash flow channel of monetary policy transmission: A tale of two countriesCooper, Daniel; Garga, Vaishali; Luengo-Prado, Maria José
2021 The valuation effects of tradeBarbiero, Omar
2021 The transmission mechanisms of international business cycles: Output spillovers through trade and financial linkagesBräuning, Falk; Sheremirov, Viacheslav
2021 Has COVID changed consumer payment behavior?Greene, Claire; Merry, Ellen; Stavins, Joanna
2021 Job displacement and sectoral mobilityJackson, Osborne
2021 Optimal allocation of relief funds: The case of the paycheck protection programJoaquim, Gustavo; Netto, Felipe
2021 Opting in with the joneses: What affects the timing of municipal adoption of a local-option meals tax?Zhao, Bo
2021 Rising geographic disparities in US mortalityCouillard, Benjamin K.; Foote, Christopher L.; Gandhi, Kavish; Meara, Ellen; Skinner, Jonathan
2021 On the origins of the multinational premiumFillat, José; Garetto, Stefania
2021 Corporate finance and the transmission of shocks to the real economyBräuning, Falk; Fillat Comenge, José Luis; Joaquim, Gustavo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 319