Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Banks' search for yield in the low interest rate environment: A tale of regulatory adaptationWang, J. Christina
2017 Measuring consumer expenditures with payment diariesSchuh, Scott
2017 Payment discounts and surcharges: The role of consumer preferencesStavins, Joanna; Wu, Huijia
2017 The effect of changing employers' access to criminal histories on ex-offenders' labor market outcomes: Evidence from the 2010-2012 Massachusetts CORI ReformJackson, Osborne; Zhao, Bo
2017 Population aging, labor demand, and the structure of wagesPapadopoulos, Michael; Patria, Margarita; Triest, Robert K.
2017 International financial integration, crises, and monetary policy: Evidence from the Euro area interbank crisesAbbassi, Puriya; Bräuning, Falk; Fecht, Falko; Peydró, José-Luis
2017 Credit card utilization and consumption over the life cycle and business cycleFulford, Scott L.; Schuh, Scott
2017 Mortgage-default research and the recent foreclosure crisisFoote, Christopher L.; Willen, Paul
2017 Monetary policy through production networks: Evidence from the stock marketOzdagli, Ali; Weber, Michael
2017 The local aggregate effects of minimum wage increasesCooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, Maria José; Parker, Jonathan A.
2017 FOMC communication and interest rate sensitivity to newsTang, Jenny
2017 Portfolio choice with house value misperceptionCorradin, Stefano; Fillat Comenge, José Luis; Vergara-Alert, Carles
2017 Inflation expectations and nonlinearities in the Phillips CurveDoser, Alexander; Nunes, Ricardo; Rao, Nikhil; Sheremirov, Viacheslav
2017 U.S. monetary policy and emerging market credit cyclesBräuning, Falk; Ivashina, Victoria
2017 Transparency in state debt disclosureZhao, Bo; Wang, Wen
2017 Financial variables and macroeconomic forecast errorsBarnes, Michelle L.; Olivei, Giovanni P.
2017 Integrated household surveys: An assessment of U.S. methods and an innovationSamphantharak, Krislert; Schuh, Scott; Townsend, Robert M.
2016 What determines the level of local business property taxes?Merriman, David F.
2016 Optimal time-consistent government debt maturityDebortoli, Davide; Nunes, Ricardo; Yared, Pierre
2016 The effect of demographics on payment behavior: Panel data with sample selectionStavins, Joanna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 263