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SWP Comments No. 36/2004
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin
Upon the signing of the Draft Constitutional Treaty on October 29, the preparations for the development of a European External Action Service (EEAS) were formally started. The Service is to be assembled from the relevant departments of the Council Secretariat and the European Commission, and from diplomats from the national foreign ministries. With a view to the developing EEAS, competition has begun among the EU institutions for political influence on the reorganization of European foreign policy and the funds that will be distributed for this field. In order to prevent the Service from being torn apart by the Brussels power struggle and to ensure that the 'Single European Voice' for EU external affairs, as contemplated by the Draft Constitutional Treaty, has a real chance, a coherent 'three phase plan,' supported by all EU institutions and member states, for the construction and instrumentalization of the Service should be quickly put together. (SWP Comments / SWP)
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