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2024EU enlargement: Geopolitics meets integration policy. The EU is set to add gradualist elements to its enlargement doctrineLippert, Barbara
2024Ankara's economic policy dilemma: Europe's options for economic and security cooperation with TurkeyAydin, Yasar
2024Setting the course after elections in Indonesia: President Prabowo Subianto and the complex legacy of JokowiHeiduk, Felix
2024The externalisation of European refugee protection: A legal, practical and political assessment of current proposalsAngenendt, Steffen; Biehler, Nadine; Bossong, Raphael; Kipp, David; Koch, Anne
2024New technologies for the Bundeswehr: Need for action due to technical innovationsArnold, Torben
2024Putin's "re-election": An undemocratic, authoritarian plebisciteFischer, Sabine
2024Ice age for the 'cold peace' between Egypt and Israel: How the Gaza war is affecting bilateral relationsRoll, Stephan
2024Reviving peace talks in Cyprus: Diplomatic innovation and the new UN envoy. Creative diplomacy needed for breakthrough in long-standing conflictKaymak, Erol
2024Traditional conflicts and dynamic coalitions at the World Climate Conference: COP28: new room for manœuvre in international climate politicsKönneke, Jule; Adolphsen, Ole
2024Geostrategy from the far right: How Eurosceptic and far-right parties are positioning themselves in foreign and security policyBecker, Max; von Ondarza, Nicolai
2024Shaping the future of Gaza: How Europe could contribute to sustainable stabilisationAsseburg, Muriel
2024Turkey: An emerging global arms exporter. Growing competitiveness and strategic recalibration of the Turkish defence industryBastian, Jens
2024Exploring new interregional opportunities for pharmaceutical supply chains: The potential of Mercosur countries to advance the EU's Global Health StrategySalles, Fernanda Cimini; Bayerlein, Michael; Villarreal, Pedro A.; Schwebel, Franziska
2023Germany and Namibia as co-leads for the United Nations: Chances and challenges on the road to the 2024 UN Summit of the futureBeisheim, Marianne; Weinlich, Silke
2023Lawmaking at the WHO: Amendments to the international health regulations and a new pandemic treaty after COVID-19Villarreal, Pedro A.
2023Sustaining peace in Ethiopia: The end of the war in the North should be the prelude to fundamental governance reformsKurtz, Gerrit
2023The future of European-Chinese raw material supply chains: Three scenarios for 2030 and their implicationsCarry, Inga; Godehardt, Nadine; Müller, Melanie
2023Into the blue: The role of the ocean in climate policy. Europe needs to clarify the balance between protection and useBöttcher, Miranda; Geden, Oliver; Schenuit, Felix
2023The post-Erdoğan vision of Turkish opposition: Opportunities and limitationsŞar, Edgar
2023The normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia: How the EU can secure the implementation of the "European proposal"Vulović, Marina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 994
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