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2022 The war in Ukraine and its impact on Syria: Humanitarian deterioration and risks of disrupting a volatile status quoAdar, Sinem; Asseburg, Muriel; Azizi, Hamidreza; Klein, Margarete; Yacoubian, Mona
2022 Rethinking strategic sovereignty: Narratives and priorities for Europe after Russia's attack on Ukrainevon Ondarza, Nicolai; Overhaus, Marco
2022 Russia on the road to dictatorship: Internal political repercussions of the attack on UkraineFischer, Sabine
2022 Failing to deter Russia's war against Ukraine: The role of misperceptionsMinzarari, Dumitru
2022 Three scenarios for the Yemen war: Cease fire negotiations, North-South confrontation or divisionTransfeld, Mareike
2022 Making EU-Turkey cooperation on migration sustainable: A greater focus on the Turkish host society is requiredAdar, Sinem; Püttmann, Friedrich
2022 Public-private alliances for sustainable commodity supply chains: Opportunities and risks in the South African mining sectorMüller, Melanie; Saulich, Christina; Schulze, Meike
2022 Turkey's stakes in the Russia-NATO rivalry: The Ukraine crisis and beyondDalay, Galip; Isachenko, Daria
2022 India as an ambivalent partner in global digital policy: Potenial and limits of cooperation in the digital economy and internet governanceVoelsen, Daniel; Wagner, Christian
2022 Israel: Half a year under the Bennett governmentAverbukh, Lidia; Lintl, Peter
2022 From status quo power to reform engine: Germany's future role in the European UnionKempin, Ronja; von Ondarza, Nicolai
2022 The Eastern Mediterranean as a focus for the EU's energy transition: Deep-rooted enmities and new opportunities for cooperation between Greece, Turkey and CyprusRau, Moritz; Seufert, Günter; Westphal, Kirsten
2022 Compass or wind chime? An analysis of the draft "strategic compass" of the EUKaim, Markus; Kempin, Ronja
2022 Maintaining mobility for those fleeing the war in Ukraine: From short-term protection to longer-term perspectivesAngenendt, Steffen; Biehler, Nadine; Bossong, Raphael; Kipp, David; Koch, Anne
2022 Ukraine's membership bid puts pressure on the European Union: A security policy flanking, not a revision of EU enlargement policy, is advisableLippert, Barbara
2022 Moscow threatens the balance in the High North: In light of Russia's war in Ukraine, Finland and Sweden are moving closer to NATOÅlander, Minna; Paul, Michael
2022 Justice reform as the battleground for genuine democratic transformation in Moldova: Insights for the Eastern PartnershipMinzarari, Dumitru
2022 Russia's nuclear threats in the war against Ukraine: Consequences for the international order, NATO and GermanyHorovitz, Liviu; Wachs, Lydia
2022 Return from the choppy waters of the Indo-Pacific: Implications of the deployment of the Frigate BayernSakaki, Alexandra; Swistek, Göran
2022 Perceptions in Turkey about the war in Ukraine: Implications for the future of EU-Turkey relationsAdar, Sinem
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 885