Working Papers on East Asian Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies IN-EAST, Universität Duisburg-Essen

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2016 The effect of the New Silk Road railways on aggregate trade volumes between China and EuropeLi, Yuan; Bolton, Kierstin; Westphal, Theo
2016 Reflections on the concept of representation and its application to ChinaHeberer, Thomas
2015 Default or reactance? Identity priming effects on overconfidence in Germany and JapanDuttle, Kai; Shichijo, Tatsuhiro
2015 Identification to oneself and to the others: Employees' perceptions after a mergerBebenroth, Ralf; Thiele, Kai Oliver
2015 'Authoritarian Resilience' and effective policy implementation in contemporary China: A local state perspectiveAhlers, Anna L.; Heberer, Thomas; Schubert, Gunter
2015 Architectural innovation in China: The concept and its implications for institutional analysisConlé, Marcus
2015 Reducing prejudice through actual and imagined contact: A field experiment with Malawian shopkeepers and Chinese immigrantsGu, Jun; Mueller, Annika; Nielsen, Ingrid; Shachat, Jason; Smyth, Russell
2015 The relevance of inter-personal and inter-organizational ties for interaction quality and outcomes of research collaborations in South KoreaHemmert, Martin
2015 Declining trust in growing China: A dilemma between growth and socio-economic damageDai, Shuanping; Elsner, Wolfram
2015 Diversity of firm sizes, complexity, and industry structure in the Chinese economyHeinrich, Torsten; Dai, Shuanping
2014 Grundzüge der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung und ihre ordnungspolitischen Leitbilder in der VR China seit 1949Taube, Markus
2014 The potential of deeper economic integration between the Republic of Korea and the EU, exemplified with respect to E-MobilityPascha, Werner
2014 Task Force: Connecting India, China and Southeast Asia - New socio-economic developmentsSenz, Anja; Reinhardt, Dieter
2013 Task Force: Wie lässt sich die Zusammenarbeit des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen mit China und den NRW-Partnerprovinzen vertiefen?Heberer, Thomas; Senz, Anja
2013 Task force: Gewerkschaften, Arbeitsmarktregulierung und Migration in Chinavon der Pütten, Jann Christoph; Göbel, Christian
2013 Rural finance, development and livelihoods in ChinaZhang, Heather Xiaoquan; Loubere, Nicholas
2013 Cross-cultural experimental economics and indigenous management research: Issues and contributionsHorak, Sven
2013 The role of trust in cultivating relation-specific skills: The case of a multinational automotive supplier in Japan and GermanySaeki, Yasuo; Horak, Sven
2012 Some reflections on the current situation in ChinaHeberer, Thomas
2011 Task Force: Nahrungsmittel in China - Food security- und Food safety-Problematik in ChinaLöhr, Susanne; Trappel, René
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 127
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