LawFin Working Paper Series, Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance (LawFin), Goethe University

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2022 The impact of derivatives on spot markets: Evidence from the introduction of bitcoin futures contractsAugustin, Patrick; Rubtsov, Alexey; Shin, Donghwa
2022 How do Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) hold the European Central Bank (ECB) accountable? A descriptive quantitative analysis of three accountability forums (2014-2021)Massoc, Elsa Clara
2022 Private companies: The missing link on the path to net zeroGözlügöl, Alperen; Ringe, Wolf-Georg
2022 Informed options strategies before corporate eventsAugustin, Patrick; Brenner, Menachem; Grass, Gunnar; Orłowski, Piotr; Subrahmanyam, Marti G.
2022 Climate change versus price stability: How "green" central bankers and members of the European parliament became pragmatic (yet precarious) bedfellowsMassoc, Elsa C.
2022 Trust and contracts: Empirical evidenceD'Acunto, Francesco; Xie, Jin; Yao, Jiaquan
2022 Option characteristics as cross-sectional predictorsNeuhierl, Andreas; Tang, Xiaoxiao; Varneskov, Rasmus Tangsgaard; Zhou, Guofu
2022 Conflicting fiduciary duties and fire sales of VC-backed start-upsBian, Bo; Li, Yingxiang; Nigro, Casimiro A.
2022 Investor-led sustainability in corporate governanceRinge, Wolf-Georg
2022 How costly are cultural biases?D'Acunto, Francesco; Ghosh, Pulak; Jain, Rajiv; Rossi, Alberto G.
2022 Corporate prosecutions: American law enforcement in global marketsWoll, Cornelia
2022 Fifty shades of hatred and discontent: Varieties of anti-finance discourses on the European Twitter (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK)Massoc, Elsa Clara
2022 Banks' structural power and states' choices over what structurally matters: The geo-economic foundations of state priority towards banking in France, Germany and SpainMassoc, Elsa Clara
2022 Prospective welfare analysis: Extending willingness-to-pay assessment to embrace sustainabilityInderst, Roman; Thomas, Stefan
2022 Social media, polarization and democracy: A multi-methods analysis of polarized users' interactions on Reddit's r/WallStreetBetsMassoc, Elsa Clara; Lubda, Maximilian
2022 Unintended side effects of unconventional monetary policyBerg, Tobias; Haselmann, Rainer; Kick, Thomas; Schreiber, Sebastian
2021 Reflective Willingness to Pay: Preferences for Sustainable Consumption in a Consumer Welfare AnalysisInderst, Roman; Thomas, Stefan
2021 Know Your Customer: Relationship Lending and Bank TradingHaselmann, Rainer; Leuz, Christian; Schreiber, Sebastian
2021 Monetary Policy and Racial InequalityBartscher, Alina Kristin; Kuhn, Moritz; Schularick, Moritz; Wachtel, Paul
2021 Do Required Minimum Distribution 401(k) Rules Matter, and for Whom? Insights from a Lifecylce ModelHorneff, Vanya; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41
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