International Econometric Review (IER), Econometric Research Association (ERA)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Estimating the Price and Income Elasticities of Crude Oil Import Demand for TurkeyKavaz, Ismail
2020New Directions in MacroeconomicsZaman, Asad
2020Models and Reality: How Did Models Divorced from Reality Become Epistemologically Acceptable?Zaman, Asad
2020Employing Machine Learning Algorithms to build Trading Strategies with higher than Risk-Free ReturnsUzunlu, Baris Yalin; Hussain, Syed Muzammil
2020Using Numbers to Persuade: Hidden Rhetoric of StatisticsBasci, Sidika; Hassan, Nadia
2020Causality, Confounding, and Simpson's ParadoxZaman, Asad; Salahuddin, Taseer
2019Demonetization and Its Effects on BSE SENSEX and Some Sectoral Indices: An Exploratory Econometric AnalysisMukhopadhyay, Debabrata; Sarkar, Nityananda
2019Regional Economic Convergence and Spatial Spillovers in TurkeyKýndap, Ahmet; Dogan, Tayyar
2019Performance of Methods Determining Structural Break in Linear Regression ModelsGüler, Zümre Özdemir; Bakýr, Mehmet Akif
2019Learning from Errors While Forecasting Inflation: A Case for Intercept CorrectionMalik, Muhammad Jahanzeb; Hanif, Muhammad Nadim
2019Power Comparison of Autocorrelation Tests in Dynamic ModelsToor, Erum; Islam, Tanweer Ul
2018Infinite-Variance Error Structure in Finance and EconomicsSerttas, Fatma Ozgu
2018The Commodity Futures Volatility and Macroeconomic Fundamentals - The Case of Oil and Oilseed Commodities in IndiaJoarder, Suranjana
2018Cycle Duration in Production with Periodicity – Evidence from TurkeyAkdi, Yýlmaz; Varlik, Serdar; Berument, Hakan
2018Does International Liquidity Matter For G-7 Countries? A PVAR ApproachTurkay, Mesut
2017Lessons in Econometric Methodology: The Axiom of Correct SpecificationZaman, Asad
2017An Investigation of Stationarity Properties of the Turkish Tourism Income VariableErtugrul, H. M.; Yildirim, S.; Ayhan, F.
2017The Concept of Stringency for Test Comparison: The Case of a Cauchy Location ParameterZaman, Arif; Zaman, Asad; Rehman, Atiq-ur-
2017Effect of Government Expenditure on GDP in the Turkish EconomySimsek, E.; Orhan, M.; Macit, F.
2017Determinants of Corporate Philanthropy: A Case of Karachi Stock ExchangeBashir, Uzma
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64