Aussenwirtschaft, Schweizerisches Institut für Aussenwirtschaft und Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung (SIAW-HSG), Universität St.Gallen

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2019The impact of trade tensions on Switzerland: A quantitative assessmentWicht, Laurence
2019Swiss market access in a global trade warNicita, Alessandro; Olarreaga, Marcelo; Silva, Peri; Solleder, Jean-Marc
2019Swiss goods exports and the Sino-US trade war: Conflicting transmission mechanismsEvenett, Simon J.
2019Export hurdles in practiceGachet, Emilie; Hunziker, Tiziana
2019Comment on "The impact of trade wars on Switzerland: A quantitative assessment" by Laurence WichtBernasconi, Claudia
2019Buchbesprechung: "Eliminating the IMF. An Analysis of the debate to keep, reform or abolish the Fund." by Imad A. Moosa / Nisreen MoosaBeretta, Edoardo
2018Comment on "Do Swiss foreign assets hedge the business cycle?" by Nicolas Stoffels and Cédric TilleYesin, Pinar
2018Comment on "Demographics and the current account" by Joschka Gerigk, Miriam Rinawi, and Adrien WichtBütler, Monika
2018Do Swiss foreign assets hedge the business cycle?Stoffels, Nicolas; Tille, Cédric
2018Demographics and the current accountGerigk, Joschka; Rinawi, Miriam; Wicht, Adrien
2018Comparing estimation methods of trade costsKnuchel, Michael
2017A single investor of the current account surplus? Benefits and risks of a monopoly supplier of money in SwitzerlandFoellmi, Reto
2017Causes and consequences of long-run currency appreciation: The Swiss caseKugler, Peter
2017Long-run money demand in SwitzerlandGerlach, Stefan
2017Long-run effects of exchange rate appreciation: Another puzzle?Amstad, Marlene; di Mauro, Beatrice Weder
2017Money demand: A simple look at some dataNicolini, Juan Pablo
2017The contribution of monetary institutions to stability: The Swiss caseBaltensperger, Ernst
2017Currency competition in SwitzerlandBordo, Michael D.
2017A study case on the caveats in the measurement of FTAs effect on trade: Switzerland's free trade agreementsNussbaumer, Timothy
2017Missing link: The case of free trade between Switzerland and TaiwanZiltener, Patrick
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 271